26 June 2012

Summer vacation is one of my favorite times of the year. No matter how much I enjoy the leaves of fall, Christmas in the winter, and hope in the spring...summer has always won my heart.

This year I was desperate for summer to arrive. As some of you {who still follow me} know, this was my first year of teaching 6th grade. Quite an adventure, I must say. Last year I taught an awesome group of pretty mellowed-out 8th graders {in addition to an out-of-control group of 7th graders...it was an elective class}. It was that this year was bad, it was just completely different.

BAH! Enough with school. IT'S SUMMER!

I've been off for almost two weeks now and even though the Mister and I haven't done a whole lot, we have very much been enjoying our together time {and family time}.

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