04 April 2012

Excuses are a bottomless bag

I am not quite sure what my issue is. I used to blog so often, then one day life got way too busy. Too boring. Too same ol' same ol'. I spend countless hours online and many times I find myself saying..."ohhhh, now would be a wonderful time to blog". But alas, I just do not do it. Like many things lately, I have found excuse after excuse. My biggest enemy: LAZINESS. I can only imagine how all of the mama's out there feel....balancing work...motherhood...a household. I am tired looking after my 6th graders all day. I just can't wait to get home, flip on the boob-tube, and spend mindless moments indulged on Pinterest.

I am not saying that there is necessarily anything wrong with that...exactly...but I wonder and sometimes fear why it has been so easy to become this lazy...and full of excuses.

Well folks {and this is for those who actually do swing by from time to time}...I am  motivated to get off this lazy-train and sew up my bottomless excuse bag. I'm not making promises to blog daily or fill-in-the-blank {don't you know that the Bible says it's better not to make promises, than to make them and break them?! haha...} Nevertheless and whatever may happen, I am going to make strides towards my more ambitious self. In turn, I hope to utilize my blog more often...as an outlet for this journey.

We. will. see.

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