26 June 2012

Summer vacation is one of my favorite times of the year. No matter how much I enjoy the leaves of fall, Christmas in the winter, and hope in the spring...summer has always won my heart.

This year I was desperate for summer to arrive. As some of you {who still follow me} know, this was my first year of teaching 6th grade. Quite an adventure, I must say. Last year I taught an awesome group of pretty mellowed-out 8th graders {in addition to an out-of-control group of 7th graders...it was an elective class}. It was that this year was bad, it was just completely different.

BAH! Enough with school. IT'S SUMMER!

I've been off for almost two weeks now and even though the Mister and I haven't done a whole lot, we have very much been enjoying our together time {and family time}.

08 April 2012

Special cinnamon rolls for a special day!

This is what I did yesterday..., I baked some mainstreet Disney cinnamon rolls from scratch.... Just to share with the fam today :)

We had an awesome service at church today... Our band played a couple new songs and then dad blessed us with a great word. You can check it out at our church website... Www.christlifebiblechurch.org
Then we came home and enjoyed a wonderful ham dinner... I so badly want to partake in some of the sweets but I'm still stuffed!

How did you spend your day?
Happy Easter!

06 April 2012

05 April 2012


Have I ever told you how much I have a girl crush on designer/blogger Promise Tangeman? Why yes....I have been following her for YEARS...and after reading this post from her today...I don't even have to second guess why...So, without further ado, I thought I would share this:

Picture Source: Promise Tangeman

From Promise (not me...but I FULLY agree!): Have you ever sat in front of the computer waiting to be inspired? You open up the design program, move a few squares around and nothing happens?!?!
I have.
I’m fooled into thinking I’m getting somewhere because I’m “working” but I don’t get anywhere except for frustrated. So then, I think it’s me. “I’m just not creative today”… ” I have too much on my mind” or “I’m just tired.” But the truth is…I’m going about it the wrong way.
For more AWESOMENESS follow this link


04 April 2012

Excuses are a bottomless bag

I am not quite sure what my issue is. I used to blog so often, then one day life got way too busy. Too boring. Too same ol' same ol'. I spend countless hours online and many times I find myself saying..."ohhhh, now would be a wonderful time to blog". But alas, I just do not do it. Like many things lately, I have found excuse after excuse. My biggest enemy: LAZINESS. I can only imagine how all of the mama's out there feel....balancing work...motherhood...a household. I am tired looking after my 6th graders all day. I just can't wait to get home, flip on the boob-tube, and spend mindless moments indulged on Pinterest.

I am not saying that there is necessarily anything wrong with that...exactly...but I wonder and sometimes fear why it has been so easy to become this lazy...and full of excuses.

Well folks {and this is for those who actually do swing by from time to time}...I am  motivated to get off this lazy-train and sew up my bottomless excuse bag. I'm not making promises to blog daily or fill-in-the-blank {don't you know that the Bible says it's better not to make promises, than to make them and break them?! haha...} Nevertheless and whatever may happen, I am going to make strides towards my more ambitious self. In turn, I hope to utilize my blog more often...as an outlet for this journey.

We. will. see.

11 March 2012

more pictures of the good lookin' hubster

why yes....i need a tan. even though it was a lovely 68 degrees out today {in MICHIGAN! in MARCH!} i'm ready for the carefree days of summer. sitting on the porch swing...reading a book....sipping tea or lemonade...

i was able to get a bit of fresh air, however. first engagement session of 2012! fun couple...so it was definitely a good time.

now it's time to pack lunches and fold some laundry before mr. reid gets home...i cannot believe how tired i am. amazing how badly springing forward only one hour can impact you!