17 December 2011

mr. reid deserves an award

Alright. So I don't mean to gush, but I have the absolute BEST husband in the entire world. Especially when he wakes up early to take care of you when you get sick with flu-like symptoms at the crack of dawn. He truly is wonderful. He also spent his entire morning off, helping me get comfortable and medicined up, before he went off to work (a looooong shift).

{older picture...sheesh I need to document more of my life rather than clients!}

Being sick is NOT fun...especially when you have a lot left to do before Christmas....I have literally spent all day in one of three places: 1. bed 2. the couch 3. the bathroom

Work has entirely consumed me. That alone has honestly made me sick for awhile now...I am more than longing for break. Only two days left with my 6th graders and then it's vacation time. With that being said, I have to utilize every moment preparing for Massachusetts...we are heading there later this year, so there will be absolutely no shopping time before the big day. I must say, I am slightly disappointed that I wasn't able to craft more this year (like last...)...once again, work has gotten the best of me.

Now that I am finally able to sit up (without feeling like passing out), I think I will go work on some stuff....

Until next time...