06 October 2011

i must say...

i never have been much of a tv watcher. i mean....yes..the tv seems to always be on..especially when i am working on projects or editing my photography.... in my defense, rarely do i get a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d. to any specific show. part of my problem is my schedule...i get too busy to keep up. many times i just wait until it comes out on dvd. for instance...one of my all time favs i pretty much watched every episode on dvd....which sometimes got to be bad (i'm pretty sure everything else was put on hold....hahah)

i honestly think the only show that i have seen every episode "live" is the office...i dedicated every thursday night of my life for the past couple years...

and recently i've been painfully addicted to none other than the vampire diaries....love...love...love.....i started it when it first came out...but then got busy...thank god for seasons on dvd, like i said!

anyway...the whole point of this post wasn't to talk about my favorite shows.....i really just wanted to mention how this new show on nbs looks really good. for those of you who really know me....this is totally up my alley.

and although this specific show struck my fancy.....i must say that ABCs idea (which seems very similar to me) also looks good...

...needless to say, i think my friday's and sunday's are looking "up" (tv wise!)

what are some of your current favorite shows or what shows do you look forward to?! i am always curious.

alright....lesson planning time....with a side of cookie dough ice cream & vampire diaries....


02 October 2011

we all scream for ice cream

for those of you who know me....you know how much i LOVE ice cream...tonight i decided to whip up my favorite combination.....i like to call it my "oh joy" ice cream...because all of the ingredients bring me oh so much joy.

coffee ice cream + chocolate chips + coconut = YUM

in other news....it's october....and that means i'll be turning another year older. i cannot even utter the numbers. let's just say, i'm getting up there. haha. anyway....when this time of year roles around, it's always fun to create a wish list. 

so here are a few of my "yes pleases"!!!

need i say more? even though we've been watching corey's parent's dog for the last month or so....it's just not the same. i want this itty bitty cute one. just look at those eyes. m e l t .

i have always had a thing for leopard print....and now that there are these leopard print toms....yep...i need them. it's more than necessity.

and this jacket?.....duh.

ahh....it's already 12:16....i have to be to work bright&early. can you believe it? blahblahblah. i can't....psh! adulthood. i'll leave you with a picture from a senior shoot that i did today....

&then, i bid you all adieu