26 September 2011

the cheesiest

can i tell you how joyous i became when i finally had a chance to catch up on one of my favorite blogs ::abeautifulmess::? um....i'll sum it up in four simple words...ALL ABOUT GRILLED CHEESE! yes. one of my favorite go to sandwiches (i'm not a fan of sandwiches..but when it comes to grilled cheese...mmm mmm good!) most of you who know me know how much i love a modest grilled cheese dressed up in a little raspberry jam.  it's something the "frasier" side loves to do...although most of my siblings have nipped that tradition...i, however, say live long oh happy grilled cheese sandwich! check out some of these:

now...time to stop drooling and start planning (plus watching a few vampire diaries episodes...shhh....)