13 September 2011

oh what a wonderful husband i have

as you can imagine, i have been more than busy right now. with school beginning, changing to an entirely different grade (which means more planning) and it being the final days of my wedding season (for defotography) i am literally overwhelmed and short on time. i was very impressed when i came home after work today (um...yes....over an hour after school got out)....to this:

why yes. my wonderful husband was slaving over the stove. both of us like to try new things, so he decided...let's do something different for dinner. he hopped onto foodnetwork.com and found this lovely dish. let me just say, after a long (but enjoyable) day of work..i was ecstatic to sit down with my favorite person and eat an absolutely gorgeous meal.

now...with that being said, it is time to go back to work. i have LOTS of editing to do...then school work (ohhh 6th grade! i love you....but i have so much to do!)

until next time...
danielle elizabeth