13 March 2011

say hello to my little friend

i get inspired by a lot of people. we all do. tonight i was very much inspired by katie from skunkboy creatures
everyone should go check out her fantastic work! &order something special from her etsy ;)


i absolutely LOVE her little creations &because i like to do things myself, i decided to give it a shot and recreate a little owl....she has two little wedding owls that i would like to have for my wedding! hmmmm who knows?!

anyway...i will warn you...in no way shape or form am i saying that my little guy even comes CLOSE to her craftsmanship. if i make one again, i already know what things i will do differently...regardless, i'm pretty proud of this cute little fella. definitely made for a craftastic afternoon!
thanks for the inspo katie!


i get my jesus on

as some of you may know, i am a pastor's kid. actually...double-fold. my "papa" is also a pastor {in MA just in-case you are wondering}. going to church on sunday, for me, is not just routine or a requirement. for me, gathering is a genuine display of love. loving God is more than just religion. if you know me, you know i hate being boxed into that category. call me what you wish, but i'm a bonafide, self-proclaiming, Jesus-lovin' holy roller.
{true story}
welp. enough about that. if you want to know more about my church & what we believe check us out here: 

owlnecklace{handmade gift from my wonderful cuzzo}

if you're ears need something to listen to, here is one of the songs we played at church today: 

what did you do today?