02 October 2011

we all scream for ice cream

for those of you who know me....you know how much i LOVE ice cream...tonight i decided to whip up my favorite combination.....i like to call it my "oh joy" ice cream...because all of the ingredients bring me oh so much joy.

coffee ice cream + chocolate chips + coconut = YUM

in other news....it's october....and that means i'll be turning another year older. i cannot even utter the numbers. let's just say, i'm getting up there. haha. anyway....when this time of year roles around, it's always fun to create a wish list. 

so here are a few of my "yes pleases"!!!

need i say more? even though we've been watching corey's parent's dog for the last month or so....it's just not the same. i want this itty bitty cute one. just look at those eyes. m e l t .

i have always had a thing for leopard print....and now that there are these leopard print toms....yep...i need them. it's more than necessity.

and this jacket?.....duh.

ahh....it's already 12:16....i have to be to work bright&early. can you believe it? blahblahblah. i can't....psh! adulthood. i'll leave you with a picture from a senior shoot that i did today....

&then, i bid you all adieu


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