16 August 2011

HOORAY! Ruffled featured our day!!!

yep. you read that right....RUFFLED, one of my favorite wedding blogs featured our wedding! since i did a horrible job blogging during the whole experience....you should go there and check it out! dont forget to leave a comment!



Project 27 said...

I saw your wedding on ruffled and I am beyond inspired and in awe!! It was gorgeous =D With my own wedding just around the corner (10 days!) I am drooling over your 'photobooth' but can't read what the "so you want to be a photographer" sign says! We are doing something similar (I'm guessing... I take loads of self-portraits, so we're letting guests take their own with my remote trigger) but can't figure out signage to let our friends know what to do! What did you guys do, if you don't mind my borrowing your ideas?

trees like giants said...

thank you project 27! basically all i did was take basic steps and write them in a quirky way...unfortunately, someone who helped clean up tossed the sign! i cannot remember the exact verbiage....but like i said....i took really basic steps and wrote them out like i would tell someone! good luck and best wishes!!!


M said...

I saw your wedding on Ruffled and LOVED it! I may be stealing your escort-ribbon idea for my wedding this winter. =)
Also, where did you get your gorgeous shoes?!