12 March 2011


why is it, that almost EVERYTIME the time changes...i can't fall asleep prior to? is it because i know that it is about to be a long day tomorrow? especially since we are "springing" ahead? the keyword there that i am intensely focusing on is: SPRING.

ah yes. i am so tired &mopey concerning this snowy, grey weather. please, please be gone soon? oh how i long to feel grass between my toes & so much look forward to days like these:

sorry to sound overdramatic but i loathe the winter. being cooped up in the house, cold. lately, i have felt too frozen to do anything. i immediately put on the most cunning of outfits {why yes, i am talking about a hoodie, my slippers and some not-so-flattering sweats} and curl up on the couch underneath my afghan. it actually makes me sleepy thinking about it.

well...i can definitely say, that due to the circumstances, i have been able to reorganize my blog a little. which is nice. i really never do just sit and take the time. maybe i could do that from now on instead of falling asleep at 8 or 9pm? haha! who knows.

what about you? what have you been doing during these dreaded {at least in my book} winter months?

alright. church comes early in the morning. i have to rest up the old chords & ready the fingers for ivory tickling tomorrow.

until then

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