05 February 2011

tea stains & coffee grounds

it is saturday.
a saturday after two recent & wonderful snow days.
i have had wedding crafts coming out of my eyeballs and i can't say that i am bored of it yet. i guess it's true, when you do what you love, it isn't work. now the only problem is...i am addicted to reading crafting blogs. they inspire me. thus leading to a more severe addiction: the craft store. i say the craft store because really anywhere that sells any type of supply that i could use, has me hooked. yes. this includes the grocery store.believe you me. i am NOT complaining. however, mr. reid & i are currently looking for a house. well...we actually put a couple bids in and are waiting to here back. this has sent me on a never-ending downward spiral in the blog world. i have somewhat pulled away from my wedding-blog addicted and stepped right into nesting. yep. every little thing. {everything} i wont even say more. with that being said, i really need to refocus my priorities for a few minutes and get some other things done in my life. luckily, i have met with most of my 2011 clients/brides {about photography} and i have my science lessons planned for the next three weeks. talk about super-lady! haha. my room...*gasp!*...it is actually clean too. {yay snow days!}

so, as i try to pry myself away from mr. mac, i will leave you with my to do list for this lovely weekend....don't get me wrong....not all of these rank as priority on some people's list. pf! it's my blog though. no hard feelings....

1. paint my nails {they have been in desperate need..so brittle from this horrible cold! it's been awhile since i have gone "kiss me here" grey}
2. look at possible "honeymoon" options...yes...we want to go to disney {not that we haven't been there before...a million and twelve times}
3. drop clothes off at the thrift store
4. check out frames and vases at the thrift store {for wedding decor}
5. buy some fluorescent thread for some of my "other" crafting stuff
6. mod podge some corey&danielle stuff
7. find my corner edger/rounder
8. cut out more favor cards
9. draw out bridal party busts
10. try some anthro-inspired paper flowers
11. get the ol' kenmore or other sewing machine working
12. if #11 is completed, then sew the escort cards
13. get the wedding budget in order {who else do we need to pay how much..hahah}
14. make more fabric flowers
15. relax?

i am sure there is more...but until this gets done.... peace&love{danielle}

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