23 January 2011


a great blogger is something that i have never claimed to be. although i have been writing online for many years, under many names, on many journeys from xanga...to now....and when i am honest with myself, i know very well that i have promised myself numerous times that i would be a more fervent writer; dedicated. i mean, it is something i love...but i never find the time for it. this is a problem that echoes all across the board of my life....

tonight i watched julie&julia. due to the fact that i have this odd & inexcusable disdain for meryl streep, i was quite surprised that by the ending, i wasn't ready for it to be over quite yet. it could have been that my love for food kept me in awe and quite jealous or maybe it was the fact that i found a lot of good life lessons in it.....like you are never too old, for instance. it was definitely a grab life by the horns kind of movie for me. unfortunately i have been cursed with a dreamer mentality. i always have all of this wonderful ideas....and as time and words pass, through my fingertips like sand they fall.  

i must say that currently i am quite pleased with many aspects of my life. on the inside there is always a growing. each day i feel God brings something new&refreshing or altering to me. but on the surface...in the other arenas...i must say that i am mostly happy. at times...i really struggle with work. for as much as i truly love teaching, i feel as though it is a one sided love affair. like i put so much in and receive so little back. i know that this season will one pass. it just will. but in this stress i find solace {some} in planning for the wedding. it is hard to believe how quickly july will come upon us. i am really working hard to put my ideas to life. for someone who has very little time & very much on her plate, i'd have to say that i feel much accomplished.

as i ramble on, i must say that i am not even sure why i decided to write more tonight. maybe it was just because i could. because it was on my mind.

i just thought it important for me to get out my thought on the movie. the thought that....really....i am not old yet. how old is old? just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it never will. i have always been a late bloomer....so why would i deceive myself into believing that this case would be any different?

{two-thousand eleven} i have big plans.

g'night everyone.
just like julie...i am sure no one really reads this...haha...but alas...i write.


It is never too late to be who you might have been. ~George Eliot

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