26 October 2010

i don't want to be offended when it's all said and done...

i cannot even begin to fathom the fact that in just a few days i will be turning 25 years old. {t w e n t y - f i v e} i guess it is true what they say, time sure does fly. i will have to admit that many of my 25 years were not so fun, but i do believe that God is refreshing new things in my life. i pray that he continues to rain and keep the ground of my heart soft; ushering in His power, His presence and His favor.

The number 25 is a representation of the Universal Word of God.
According to some, it also means "the law".
According to R. Allendy, "it is the life graduating on all plans and evolving by the opposite polarity game."

i find it somewhat ironic that my name {danielle} means "God is my judge," that my middle name {elizabeth} means "God is my oath," AND that the number 25 deals with His word and His law. i feel that this is the avenue that God is leading me down anyway...that EVERYTHING that is not of Him will be shaken...God is my oath and my judge...He is definitely graduating me...growing me from where i have been for so long.

anyone who still reads my blog, knows that i have really enjoyed the prophetic songs of misty edwards...this week, "Baptize My Heart" has been a good one...the end of the song especially has hit me...i pledge my allegiance to Jesus!

it's time for bed....school comes early