19 June 2010

dear summer

can i say that i love you to the max? why yes. yes i do.

its been awhile since the ol' blogger had an update. life has been busy as usual so i decided the time was not right. school ended. i shot my second wedding of the season. my grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary party. dale graduated and had his party. corey and i finally decided on a date (july 9th 2011)! lots more to fill in but i honestly dont care to. sorry.

anyway, summer is here my friends. my favorite time of year...and today started it off with a bang. i was able to sleep in.....i spent all day at the beach....then i ended it off with a fun night with corey (we went to a friends birthday party...excursions in the woods....bonfires....pizza....birthday cake).....as i lay here smelling like bug spray, i must reflect that the day was perfect. i cant wait for the rest of summer. i have big plans.....none of which include dull moments or wasted time.

but alas....church in the morning which means now is bedtime.

how will YOU spend your summer?