16 March 2010

sue me.

yeah. yeah. yeah. i never blog anymore.....well lately. actually, i spend so much time on the computer these days doing work, it annoys me to get on at any other time. for those of you who don't know, a couple weeks ago i had an interview....and i got the job. next year i will be teaching 8th grade earth science (major woo-hoo!) and some sort of elective in the afternoon. i think they said it will be art related....another woo-hoo.

speaking of woo-hoo's (yes, i need another phrase), spring break is less than three weeks away. all of this sunshine we have had lately has really put me in the mood. i cannot wait until we go to florida....oh! and it is confirmed, corey does get to go (way to stick it to svsu....haha)

anyway....thats a quick update. im off to the gym....so yeah.