10 February 2010

hallmark holiday.

this one is my favorite! haha.
i have never been a valentine's day girl. (like the whole receiving stuff thing. i love making stuff for my students like last year...or cookies for corey....but simply because it's an excuse to make something) nope. it's not me. i don't care for flowers or candy. (well....if its chocolate...we can talk...ha!) but i am a sucker for vintage valentines. they crack me up. some are just...soooo.....wrong. haha. i don't know how else to put it. here are some great ones i found. inspiration, perhaps?

winter wonderland.

okay. so i will like snow TODAY.....but that is because school is out! haha. (*disclaimer: i will never mention liking snow again, unless possibly another snow day occurs) don't get me wrong, i really do like going to work everyday. i really enjoy it, actually. however....this week has NOT been my week.

if you have noticed, i've been blog-lacking lately. sunday i fell sick with the flu. NOT FUN. i slept the entire afternoon and if you thought food was a good idea....well, i shouldn't have pushed it in the "okay" feeling moments. monday morning i woke up...same symptoms. excruciating headache (the worst i have EVER had....i don't know the stipulations of a migraine, but i would say this qualified....even light killed me), i was also extremely nauseous and was having hot/cold sweats like a lady going through menopause (no offense). it was bad. but being the somewhat determine/stubborn person i am....i was raised not to miss work/school/fill-in the blank....unless you are dyyyyyying. so i went to work. well, dad had called to tell me before i left that papa had been admitted into the ER around 1am because of some pain he was having.....dad had asked me how i was feeling and i told him. he told me, just stay home. i said i was going to try to "shake it off". i got to work and emailed dad. i told him to keep me updated on papa. i tried to go through the motions at school, but by 9:40 i finally decided i couldn't hold on any longer. i went home early for the day. i seriously crawled right into bed and slept until after dad got home from work (10am- about 4pm!). i was still feeling horrible.....on top of everything else my muscles were so sore and my throat felt swollen up. just a miserable time. around 6-7ish that night i told myself i was over being sick. i washed all my bedding....showered....really pushed myself. i thought i was feeling better, but when i woke up yesterday....it was like deja vu. i was sweating then freezing LIKE CRAZY. i knew i had art club in the afternoon, so i didn't want to let down the kids. i packed myself and got to work.....to go through the motions again. i battled hot/cold sweats all day...along with the horrrrible headache (i am so serious when i say this is THE WORST i have ever had). i was a survivor (cue in destiny's child....hahahaaa, oh middle school). despite the several mental attempts to go home, i stuck out the day. i made it through school. i made it through art club. i DID NOT make it through dinner. i walked right in the door, up the stairs, hopped in bed....dress clothes and all. i slept through dinner. i slept through "family time at the YMCA" (haha).....i woke up in a sweat. feeling disgusting, i got up...showered...got out...and i was beginning to feel better. seriously....i had almost forgot what it felt like to feel "healthy". the rest of the evening was pretty good. my eyes were extremely tired...i really needed/wanted to sleep. around 10:30pm i got a call letting me know school was cancelled. i rolled over and shut off my alarm clock. ...and wouldn't you know it? i didn't even get to sleep in. i heard my sister talking to my dad, as he left for work, at 4:30am. then i kind of tossed and turned until 8:30am. i had one more "case" of sweating during the night....but i honestly think the fever has finally broke. i feel so much better today...my appetite is back. although i think i can refrain from toast for awhile.......

soooo.....A SNOW DAY. you better believe i have ideas brewing in my head. i'm thinking about doing some serious crafting. a little defotography "growing". a little cleaning. some music making. and several blog posts. (and i am doing it all in my pjs).....welp! it looks like i should light a fire.

til next blog...