28 January 2010

mirror, mirror on the wall....

...so it started all in harmless facebook fun...."it's doppelganger week!" corey said. ofcourse his is great......he is always told ben stiller.... me, on the other hand?.....the three big hitters:
#1. tina fey

"you look like that one comedian lady....the one who does the sarah palin thing..." ..."tina fey?"...."yes! yes....tina fey" ...."ummm...thanks?"

it's gotta be the winning personality.....

.....or the glasses....i mean why wouldn't it be?...hahaha....

dispite friends telling me this on previous accounts...this also happened A LOT when i worked at sam's club. especially in the time of palin. hahaha....i mean honestly, what else could you say?

which leads to....

#2. sarah palin

"don't take this the wrong way....but you look A LOT like sarah palin"...."ummm....thanks?"

maybe its because we both make weird faces.
last but not least...ALTHOUGH PROBABLY the MOST....

#3. lindsay lohan (pre-SUPERDUPER nasty days)
yes. you did not read this wrong. especially from 2004-2006 i had people telling me left&right that i looked like ms. lohan. thank god that was pre-MEGATRASH days. ....it's gotta be the freckles.

now...merely for fun and curiosity, i decided to try one of those "find your celebrity look-a-like things"...ridiculus. they said i look like sammi cheng. {ummm, don't think so}

so i tried again.....

so according to them....i apparently look asian....or like a boy. classic.

i also stumbled across this. try it :)

ok....bed time


27 January 2010


records day tomorrow. no kids.
PD day friday. no kids.
then THE WEEKND!!!!! {lots to do. engagement session w/ george&elicia. craftastic manifestation. shopping. planning. cleaning. practicing.business stuff.relaxing.}
tuesday club create! starts. i honestly can't wait. i have been planning "lessons" all week...the kids are geeked. i am SUPER geeked. yay! for after school clubs.

....ah.....right now, its sleep time.

ps. i got my new phone finally! i like it. kind of strange, but wicked sweet. its the motorola karma. ha! i like the name....and it texts like a charm.


26 January 2010

i felt compelled to write about something else....

...but it saddens my heart to much to think about. in all honesty, it would and could open a can of worms that at this present time, i will keep shut.

....alas....i hung out with ms. scissorhands tonight. we decided that tuesday night should officially become a night of crafting. our plan was to get together tonight and come up with a "craft game plan"...if this was accomplished...well, i'm impressed. &in the dark. haha. i did however get a tour of her newly&briefly inherited house {long story}...complete with haunted rooms and creepy old lady pictures! i also got acquainted with rocket the super bunny who liked to nibble the bottom of the legs of my jeans. good times. good times.

okay, so...i always have this urge to beat my gps destination time. its honestly like a race. it tells me..."oh danielle, you will not make it until 10:30" and i'm all like "gasp! how dare you doubt my gps-time-beating-skills!" and then i make it home at like 17 after. that's right. that's how i roll. but no, seriously....i can't be the only one. who honestly wants to be beat by machine?!? not i my friend, not i.

i'm pretty excited about tomorrow. not only is it the last day of the month for collecting box tops {BWAHAHA. i'm so competitive. my 7th graders are TOTALLY going to kick butt and get that casual day pass....hahhahaha....} BUT it is also the kids last day for the week. so....ka-ching! that's right. two days of work. two days paid. kid free. although....i must say, without them there, the day drags on for a long time. despite their passion for giving me a migraine, i do like the little buggers.

....i don't know if i can honestly tell you how addicted i have become to online television. 9 times out of 10 i HATE the shows my family is watching. but wahla! thank god for hulu. thank god for fancast. thank god for all of the little people putting the things i want to see, out there. THANK YOUUUUU! ....this past weeked i finished LOST {FEB 2nd. oh how i long for thee!}....so i have been trying to fill my tv with worthy substitutes....eh, its alright. i have recently had the chance to watch charade with my lovely audrey hepburn...and charlie's angles season 3...yes, i am talking about the tv show...NOT drew barrymore.....and it has mostly been season 3 because i have every single other season on dvd. yeah. no lie. i have also been watching my so called life. please tell me everyone remembers it....oh yes, claire danes. i loved her. speaking of "my life"...

....i'd also like to mention that i am now semi-hooked to this:

with thanks to my friend renee who said that "she reminds me of you (me/danielle)"....ofcourse never having seen it before, i had to watch. then watch again. then watch, yes...again. so thank you renee. thank you MTV.

ah, well....i will never want to wake up in the morning. so it's time to call the mister.

24 January 2010

take this to heart

...i am in love with these ideas...you better believe that things will come of this....

{iapologize for not having all of the sources...if they are yours, feel free to tag your address in my comments. i know some of them come from martha stewart, j.crew and etsy.....}