22 January 2010

To understand the heart and mind of a person...

...look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to. {Kahlil Gibran}

tonight was one of those nights where i was really awakened&reminded of how thankful i am....how blessed i am to have such beautiful people in my life. and im not just talking about the outside....my main concern is their heart.

throughout all walks in our lives, people come and people go. some stay awhile. some stay for just a moment. i am lucky enough to have amazing people who constantly impact me. i often say a lot about my family and even corey, but sometimes words fail me when it comes to others that i love and that truly inspire me....

i should say this train of thought actually began on monday while i was out with my confidant and best friend {caisee}. as always, we sat and talked for hours.....including in the driveway until i forced myself out. this girl knows and holds my heart. i don't know what i would do without her. honestly. it makes my heart happy that she is back home again...close to me....and if i could have things my way, she would never leave again! (haha....bah humbug future jobs....)

tonight, i was hit by this thought train again. my close, close friend...my dear and ex-dodgeball/show go-er, heather scissorhands (haha...yes) has also moved back near to me....after a long college adventure in ann arbor....she is back, so tonight we reunited. it had been long overdue really...but bad schedules make horrible excuses....anyway, LA was having this thing to support the school at barnes and noble...so i told her to meet me there so that we could catch up....drink coffee too of course.

we get there and after being attacked by a million of my students (GOOD attacked though....they were all excited) we finally got to doing what we do best.....looking at table coffee books and chatting about everything under the sun....life...and love....and why....i cant exactly explain our relationship. to me, heather is one of the most genuine people i know. she will tell you straight up how it is....everyone needs a friend like her who doesn't beat around the bush. she gets me really thinking about things. makes me want to become proactive in my life. tonight she gave me a congratulations card...concerning the engagement. her words almost made me cry. i was going to post them here...but i changed my mind....i will keep them to myself. just trust me when i say....im so very blessed.

i could go on and on about people in my life (*shoutout to bec&mel!*)....but not tonight.
i will go to bed a happy camper.....knowing that even though i've felt alone at times, i have people lifting me up. holding on. people who are genuine. beautiful from the inside out.