16 November 2010

dear blogger...

i promise that i have been meaning to write. it just really hasn't been the right time. i mean...with parent teacher conferences, report cards, volleyball ending, lots of lesson planning, corporate gatherings at church...i mean, i have been lucky enough to breathe.
i must say, i am quite excited for thanksgiving break. it's hard to believe it is already only a week away. i really do need A LOT of r&r. i would like to get a head start this week/weekend on getting my lesson plans set for when i get back from break, that way i can spend the whole break enjoying my family, friends and crafts!
i am pretty pumped that the uncle stephen clan is coming, along with meme and papa {from MA}. i feel like i haven't seen them in ages....i know i just saw them at dale's graduation party in july {?}...but still...I LOVE THEM! not to mention, this is the FIRST thanksgiving that i actually get to share with corey. over the past few years he has gone down to TN to visit his family, but not this year!
i have been on a baking kick lately...even more than normal...i want to make something fun for thanksgiving...

how about some butterfinger brownies?

or maybe some chocolate-dipped ginger cookies?


or some "layers of love" chocolate brownies?

or maybe some pumpkin-spiced oatmeal cookies?
 ahhh....so many choices...maybe i will have to try a few out this weekend!
anyway, i am somewhat excited...somewhat mixed feelings about the day after thanksgiving. believe it or not... i have my first ever bridal appointment for gowns....it is so crazy to me...i can't believe the time is now...with that said, i cannot wait for break....i have so much planning i would like to do...

anyway, i am so tired. i know this is random and scattered...but i wanted to post an update.....

i hope all is well....how are you prepping for the holidays?

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Jen said...

Dear Danielle,

I miss you and love you lots! I wish I could come visit you for Thanksgiving. :-( However, I am quite excited to see you next month!!! I've already planned one day off from work and I am working on taking another so hopefully we can spend time together!! You're loving friend in MA, Jen