10 September 2010

i will be honest

it has been too long for me not to blog. and though i had great intentions for a "wedding-talk-only" blog....realistically, my life is SO much more than that....especially right now. anymore these days, i can only describe myself as a busy woman. this past week was my first week as miss frasier the 8th grade science teacher. i was miss frasier the 7th grade study skills teacher. i was coach frasier for LA's varsity volleyball team. i was and have been danielle clbc's worship leader as well as defotography. ahha. my job never ends....but in all reality i love it.

 i have lots to share, but at 10:30 am i turn back into defotography (a cute little boy is getting his first photoshoot)...so the rest of this update will have to wait.

until then


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