11 September 2010

how could you not have a wonderful day after starting it like this?

oh what a saturday. i must admit, today proved my thoughts concerning my photography direction....i really love doing wedding photography, however i feel more connected with family and senior sessions. i'm not saying that i am not ever doing the other, i just REALLY enjoy shorter more intimate sessions.

mr. little-man connor did an awesome job. he was a VERY patient and lovable baby. after his session i came home and did a lot of editing. it was a nice and rainy fall day. perfect for getting things done, if you ask me. i also was able to make some banana bread and no-bake cookies......as well as work on my recipe box and knit! tomorrow i have a lot of lesson planning to do after church, but i plan on crafting a little ofcourse.

i definitely think it's time to go to bed now though. church cometh early.....haha.

til then, peace&love{danielle}

“Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.”
Peter McWilliams

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