21 March 2010

oh how she knows me.

yesterday was another mel&dani wedding success. first day of spring and ironically it was a group of gm engineers....i sat at the dinner table thinking, "how many of these people know dad?" haha...
anyway, mel and i had a great time...as usual. unfortunately i am going to have to take a mini-hiatus this summer with the mel&dani weddings b/c:
a. i have a lot of weddings myself this year
b. i just got a full time teaching job, in which i need to plan for
c. i'm engaged (HELLO) and still don't even have a date set...
d. day camp starts the minute school ends
e. yeah....i need time to sleep
it is a bittersweet time for us...but she completely understands.....its just going to be a VERY hectic 2010.
in other news....look what mel bought me:
it's a "congrats-on-the-engagement/teaching job-gift". does she know me or what???
alright. i need to finish my coffee and go practice the ol keys before church....

i think this afternoon i plan on crafting....so stay tuned for possible posts!

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