06 February 2010

oh april...

i seriously cannot wait for you any longer. florida makes me so giddy. even the thought of it. i am excited for this year because, like i mentioned before, corey is coming!!!! we rented a condo in siesta keys and were planning on beaching it up everyday. if you know me, i always try somehow to get to disney world. i can't help it. tihs year dad isn't interested in going really....he just wanted to relax...so all of us "kids" are doing the whole volunteer a day, get free disney tickets thing. we already signed up to do it in a couple weeks.....boy, am i getting antsy! just today, while dale and i were in sam's club, we had this conversation after walking by the electronics section....that was playing the movie tinkerbell on a loop...

me: "hey! disney world music. ahhh...it just makes me so happy."
dale: "i know right!? it's like last year when we went and saw fantasmic....i remember thing wow. this makes me so happy. why aren't i always this happy?"
me: "totally!"
dale: "...but then it makes me angry...because they made fake happiness! haha...."
me: "guess that's why they say it's the happiest place on earth.........i think i'll move there.."
dale: "me too."

haha....yes, we are dorks. but its true. we love disney world. we love flordia. and we love family vacations. oh april, how i pine for thee!!!!

nightie night.


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