14 February 2010


...so...today i did a lot of thinking. as most of you know, i am addicted to the computer. i am not just talking about the internet, i am talking about the computer in general. whether its blogging or photoshop, facebook or hulu....i am addicted. starting tomorrow, i am going to take a brief vacation from my computer. i am turning it off and putting it away. i want to see how much i can accomplish by just unplugging. i am not promising myself a certain amount of days or anything like that (just the initial thought of it makes me cringe)....it is more or less going to be an experimental run. i am not doing this because i believe that electronics are bad and overtaking the world, or anything crazy like that....i am doing it because i firmly believe that i have let it consume way too much of my time. i feel the same way about the television. unfortunately, in my household....tv is like a staple of background noise. ha...we may not even really be watching it, but it is always on. so anyway, this is my challenge. i am going to try to document all of the things i do sans-computer. i am very curious on how well this will be accomplished.

speaking of accomplished....i was fooling around on photoshop today b/c i wanted to test printing on my invitations. DISCLAIMER. THESE ARE FAKE. DEAR FAMILY WHO LIKES TO READ THIS AND JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, WE HAVE NOT-AND I REPEAT-WE HAVE NOT SET A DATE YET! THESE ARE ALSO NOT OFFICIAL. IT WAS ALL DONE IN FUN. hahah......sorry, i am not yelling, i am just trying to make it very, VERY clear to the family...if you get my drift. i used october 29th because that is our birthday.....just sayin. haha. those of you who read my blog know that i received quite a blessing concerning my invitations. the only concern i have is getting them printed/printing them. i am experiementing as we speak....but yes....these are fonts&font combos that i really like. i am searching for some vintage graphics: top hats, bow ties, bride&groom wedding toppers, cakes....so if you find any {especially bow ties: "tie the knot"...haha} puhhhhlease let me know!
in other news, i am VERY excited for tomorrow. it is my last day of mid-winter break, so my friend heather and i are visiting somerset mall {swoon!}....we are going so we can find some cute outfits, etc. {urban outfitters&anthro....gosh, i love that mall} for the corey&danielle engagement shoot {which i am also VERY excited for}i don't get to go to somerset often because it is quite a drive....but it is the closest uo&anthro store...so it is definitely worth the trip!....after our shopping adventure, we are having a delish family dinner!....chicken marlsa. big deal in my house. hahha. gotta love it.

well......it is starting to get late. i am really tired, but have no desire to sleep. figures. like i said folks, once the computer goes off tonight....its off for awhile...the phone will be a dandy way to contact me :)
i wish you all a happy week and until next time,


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Jen said...

Hello dear! Just wanted to say I love the font ideas you have going. I know you probably won't read this for a little while but just wanted to encourage you to keep up the beautiful work! Love you!