28 February 2010

dear blogger...

so you've probably been wondering...huh, i wonder where she is? with all her in-depth insight on the world and all that jazz....haha, well i must say i've obviously been here all along...just too lazy to update. it's not because i don't have glorious things to tell you, i just don't even know where to begin.
i guess i can start at I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TUESDAY. yes, yes, yes. for a full-time teaching position at LA. i am already barfing my guts out because i am so nervous. ha. well...kind of nervous. it's more a matter of having the ability to get out the right words. i have no reason to be nervous.....but sometimes my brain forgets to tell my mouth exactly what i am trying to say....and yeah. anyway, i have a joint interview with both principles...i applied for a 5th grade position and a middle school science position. BOTH of which i would be extremely pleased to get. lately i have been in a super "i want to teach 5th grade mood", because it is my absolute favorite grade to teach. i know that there are a lot of people going for that position....but all i can do is bring my A game to the table and if it is in God's plan...then welp, it'll all work out.
so that is some of the big hitting, heart stopping news of the week....as for this past weekend, i just thought i would mention that I HAD A BLAST. my buddy angelle and i had a slumber party. it involved a somewhat horrible chick flick, painting, taking pictures, "mcdaddies", coney island, telling secrets, thrift stores and more. needless to say, we had a great time. not to mention, i really love how well my painting came out. i have this picture in my room  that is wood and has gold birds on it...and ironically this matches perfectly! happy girl right here. :)
hmmmm.....i am trying to think of any other updats that i may have forgotten to mention....oh! i am revamping all of my photography stuff. marketing and such. i have had this burning idea in my brain and lack of time/ambition to get it all out there. it seriously took me like 5- {okay maybe not exactly}and a sharpie marker.....i wanted something that reflected my personality....so meet the potentially new face of de{foto}
haha. he actually has a speech bubble that reads "oh snap." which is where the pun comes in {snap....as in the "noise" the camera makes....as in snapping his mouth closed...as in ohhhhhhh danielle please keep your day job} the speech bubble gator is on my flash drive which is not by me right now....and since i am laying down in bed already....well, you will have to wait.
alas, exciting things are brewing for me. so please, be patient if i am lazy....although by now, you should most likely realize....it's a horrible trait of mine.

alright. its bed time. so i'll say adieu.

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