17 February 2010

come on and let's be honest....

i have not really missed a whole lot in cyberworld. i have actually accomplished a lot in the "real world"....and i feel slightly guilty for even going on now. as some of you know, i decided to challenge myself to see how long i could go without the computer/internet.....well i would say that i had an almost successful three days. i was somewhat obliged to go on today due to work and getting things around for church tonight {music}....but all in all....it was worth it. i am going to try to only allow myself a certain amount of computer time a day. this past sunday really got to me when i wasted an entire afternoon doing absolutely NOTHING productive. some of you may laugh {only because you can relate} and some of you could care less......but i don't function that way...really, i don't. i definitely love the computer. i love sitting down with my laptop top.....blogging.....reading....discovering.....facebook-stalking {haha...come on, we all do it} but in doing so, i waste so much time and energy when i could be putting it forth in other avenues of my life. i definitely need the computer. i need the internet. i would be "lost" without it....especially google. haha....but i knew something needed to and needs to change. when i woke up monday morning, i dreaded the day...just knowing i promised to stay off the computer. my immediate thoughts were "open your eyes. coffee. computer." it was kind of sickening. i realized in these last three days, my gravitational pull was to my laptop...and not out of necessity or need....but merely routine. in these last three days i have occupied my time in other ways. i have started and almost finished the book David Worshipped with a Fervent Faith  and i started another book Brain-Based Learning and Teaching. both are VERY good and i plan on sharing them both with you in the future. during my time off, i was also able to hang out with heather and go to somerset mall....i bought some fun Where the Wild Things Are things at urban outfitters....an awesome shadow puppet and calendar....i also bought some wicked cute glitter nail polish....then at anthropologie i bought some of my "future" bowls. i love them. i am addicted and need more. helllllllllllllo registry! hahha. i also gathered a lot more songs for praise and worship......and i worked on my art journal....plus i did some knitting {kind of fell off that wagon for a few weeks}.....hmmmm....let's see....besides that, i got to hang out with angelle two days in a row.....yesterday at work b/c the elementary and ms/hs buildings finally had a PD day together...and then she came to church tonight, so we hung out right after work. as usual (when she comes over) we had mexican for dinner. dad was so funny....he kept saying "this must be angelle food b/c we always have it when angelle is here"....haha...whatever that means. gotta love him. anyway......yeah.....so that is kind of how thing rolled. i am highly considering limiting myself on the computer. i have enjoyed these past few days.....but no worries! i wont stay gone for too long in between :)

until next time,


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trees like giants said...

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