31 January 2010

why yes....i will be counting down to april 1st...

because yes....we are going to siesta keys for spring break{which makes me a pretty happy camper}

don't get me wrong, it's not like i don't like winter&snow&.....NOT {sorry, i lie....i hate it} i absolutely am a beach girl. warm weather and sunshine is the ultimate mood changer. especially when the ocean is involved. i love the salty air. the sand between my toes. in that place, i am content. all is well. what is even better is, this time....corey might be coming! he has been talking to his prof's. to see if he can get time off {they have a different spring break}....anywhoooooo....i am happy. i feel like we all really need this break. just a mini-escape......

today has been pretty great. i did absolutely nothing after church. after yesterday's engagement photoshoot {elecia&george} i decided today i would play with joshua and edit pics.....that, my friends, is exactly what we did. we even ate ice cream this afternoon...in our pj's.....which was completely out of the ordinary. i didn't leave the house once after church. i didn't feel the need {normally bec and i like to go shopping}...it was nice. no schedule. nothing.

....even though i am not a huge fan of these types of shows...i am going to watch some csi for the evening with the family. i hope everyone had a great weekend.

until next time,

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