11 January 2010

why thank you oh wise, tall &skinny one.

with thanks to my baby bros killer photoshop skills...he managed to teach me some tricks{somewhat}. folks, i am photoshop illiterate when it comes to doing anything besides editing pictures. cropping, rounding edging, masking, using vectors and magic tools...ha, you better ask someone else. the old saying is true...we usually stick to what we know and what i know is how to edit. mr. fancy-schmancy pants came to my rescue. so i experimented a little...and i am working on a new blog header. this is the temporary one for now....as you can see, i messed up a little...floating hair. ha!...ugh, i mean...i meant to do that.
anyway, learning all of this pulled me away from LOST for the night....however, the night is young my friends. i finally caught up to corey....yeah, season 4 episode 11 {i should have never given up on it a couple years ago....} i swear, my brain wants to explode. the island is killing me. hahahaaa....
so i was bored before going to the gym and decided to have a mini-photoshoot. i'm still working on some of the pics....but the ones included on my banner and new profile pics are a few. speaking of pictures, i would really like to get my christmas pictures developed and make a few mini-books. i want to do a coreydanielle christmas one...a look who's engaged one...and a massachusetts family christmas one....maybe thats too many...who knows...i always get to busy.

....i am trying to think if i have anything interesting to write. let's see. this weekend nikita is coming! and jamie is also here! even though we just saw them at christmas....they are like family...and nikita actually will become family since he is marrying my cousin liz!!! they got engaged right before corey and i. anyway, i think the plans are to go to the north american international auto show in detroit on saturday. as most of you may know, my dad works for gm....we already got our tickets and i have never been before! i am pretty excited actually.

hm....i really can't think of anything else for this evening. so i will leave you with some manic monday must-haves! simply eye candy....


and in all honesty, how could i forget blythe. i want a blythe doll sooooooo bad. i just dont know if i can justify her price range.....so for now ill just look....

til next time,

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