12 January 2010

frosted flakes: positively poison or simply sweet bliss?

welp! that's two nights in a row for me....total deja vu of my college days. working out like a fiend, then eating my weight in cereal. what can i say? it was cheap and didn't require cooking. this past weekend dad bought some frosted flakes for my brothers {those of you who know me, know i really never eat food like this anymore...not so much a fan of packaged goods} and i have gotten into them two nights in a row. mmm. i won't lie....i have somewhat missed them. haha!

...speaking of gym, i totally killed my knee tonight. actually, i think i pushed myself too hard and the issue flared back up. good thing i will take tomorrow off. i've got a date with Jesus. haha. yeah...i'll be tickling the ivories tomorrow night at church. i'm excited to see growth in that department....god has definitely got some big plans.
....oh! which reminds me. school. my situation is getting better.....i have also been considering starting a club. i really need to get the paper work in by tomorrow though. so here's my idea...let me know if you like it:
i have been thinking about starting a club that encourages kids to live creatively. the club meets once a week, but throughout the week i will have them experimenting with things as well. the main focus of the club will revolve around creating an art journal. i am going to use keri smith's "wreck this journal" for some inspiration. during club, we will also do several creative thinking exercises to get those "creative juices" flowing...whether its improve games or the like....another thing that the club will bring is an opportunity to introduce some "arts" that students don't have immediate access to learn about {like photography} or never heard of {guerrilla art}...anyway, that is basically the jist of it. sometimes i feel like i have a set of groupies that follow me around everywhere, asking to see my latest art. i hope they are encouraged to join the club....we will see!!!
well ladies&gents, those of you who think corey and i aren't ever "mushy" or joke that you didn't even know we like each other.....here is living proof. haha.....it was a nice message to get at lunch after a very long morning....ohhhhhh, what a kid!

...talk about deja vu...i could hear a commercial for chase bank {the fam is watching tv} and the music was michelle branch. ha! i used to love her when i was first learning guitar......cuz you're everywhere to meeeee....hahha omg. how much i have changed since high school. it is crazy how fast time flies.

lately i have been having a hard time with that. i feel like time is flying by so fast and i have nothing to show for it. well....not really nothing...i have a lot...but there is so much more that i wish i was doing at this point....sometimes i think we {both/all} feel that way. please, someone let me know if the monatony can ever cease so that joy may take FULL reign?....let me know asap.

well, this isn't exactly how i envisioned this post going....but i am tired...and i haven't watched LOST once today. probably should get on that. february 2nd will be here before i know it ;)

sleep tight friends,


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