26 November 2009

7-layered jello TRUMPS turkey anyday.

happy thanksgiving!

i know i have been depriving you from my thankful thirty posts over these past few days...but i can't help it...tis the holidays....

#24. sleeping in

#25. my car {for obvious reasons!}

#26. friends&family to share the holidays with. never a heart lonely. never a belly left empty {thats for sure!}

joshua wanted to eat so bad....he kept giving me this pouty face.

my girls were here too! i can't believe how old mack is starting to get!! 5th grade!!
and maddie too!! 3rd grade this year. joshua followed her around everywhere tonight and called her "carol" for some reason...it was hilarious.

i begged dad to get a cheese ball. haha...i love them. more than the "real food".

abbie...you were missed during this tradition. i guess more 7-layered jello for me......however, christmas, its me and you babe!

we played games.

i was even able to start and finish joshua's christmas present!!! a long time ago i made this little stuffed guy....i named him bleu....joshua decided "monster" fit him better.....every time he comes over, he goes straight up to my bedroom and grabs "monster! monster!" from my sewing table. i knew immediately what he was getting this year....his very own monster....slightly larger...slightly more yellow.

well....the festivities are NOT over with tomorrow...the halls are coming for our after thanksgiving tradition....more food...and perhaps a little shopping!

hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.....sleep tight!


23 November 2009

oh wednesday...how i look forward to thee.

thankful thirty #23
holidays&extended weekends/vacations.

yes folks.

is it weird that i am saying i am excited for school tomorrow?.....well its pretty much only because its my last day of work this week!!! wooooo!!! then i can complete some of my projects. i plan on working on them all day wednesday....and thursday....and friday....saturday...sunday!!! yeah. im totally stoked {if you couldn't tell}

....bed time.


22 November 2009

may your days be merry and bright

ohhhh. just like i mentioned yesterday, i have begun my christmas music obsession early this year. well...actually...who am i kidding? the minute i feel its "legal" {pretty much immediately after my birthday/halloween} then i tune in.

i hope everyone had a great weekend. like mine usually are, as of late, it went by way too fast. having that wedding all day yesterday didn't help much...and today i was extremely exhausted. we didn't have church band practice because we were all a little worn. instead, i was able to watch elf with corey and our little buddy joshua {i honestly cannot believe how big my little cousin is getting}...while we watched i worked on some of my christmas presents...by the end of the night i completed one project in full and i am like 95% done with the other project...i decided to take a much needed break and go out with caisee around four. it started out with gingerbread lattes from starbucks and great conversation...one thing lead to the next and it was after eight...we were at my house discussing a scrapbook/time capsule idea we have....as well as read my old xanga {yes. xanga!...long story short, i somehow ended up with my entire xanga on disc....thanks to a friend}....we read back to the very first time we talked and hung out. its hard to believe how much and how close caisee and i have grown in just five years!!! {yes...no joke. but we JUST missed our 5 year anniversary....november 20th-which we discovered tonight-haha}...i am so lucky to have caisee as a best friend and confidant. which is why she makes my thankful thirty #22. okay...i have listed corey...i have listed family...and i wasn't going to get specific and list all my friends...but caisee {and the entire may+danny family} definately deserve a spot. they have a way of making their home my home away from home...haha. its actually quite ridiculus how similar it all is. anyway...yeah....there is my number 22.

alright.....monday morning will come way too quickly. i am going to go to sleep now...or at least wait until corey calls....

sweet dreams everyone :)

Proverbs 17:17 Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.
Proverbs 18:24 Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.
Proverbs 25:13 Reliable friends who do what they say are like cool drinks in sweltering heat—refreshing!