21 November 2009

100.3 wnice

yes. my radio is dialed here the minute they begin their season of 24/7 christmas tunes....i spent a lot of time in the car today...thus my ears were happy, happy.

all i can say is i am so glad to be home. today was a long day....i shot a wedding {with my camera, sillies!} in "the D" {detroit for those of you who are completely lost on what i am referring to....} i woke up around 6:30....left for mel's house by 8:15....drove for well over an hour...got to mel's....followed mel to the reception hall {in plymouth}...stopped at tim hortons for a 12-grain bagel with veggie cream cheese....made it to the church in mexican town....did the whole wedding ceremony photographer thing....left the church to go take pictures in downtown detroit...saw the big lit christmas tree....along with the ice rink....{pictures will follow...another day, another time}...went to the reception hall....ate food...took pictures....got in the car....aaaannnnndddddd....

#21. i am THANKFUL for my GPS.
lets just put it this way. once i was at the reception hall....at a golf course...surrounded by woods...in the dark....in a place ive never been before....i had NO CLUE of how to get home. but thanks to my handy-dandy gps....i made it home safely! {now....if the gps could only handle drunk-drivers and fog...which i encountered tonight...it would be a miracle machine!}....anyway...i made it home....

now...ive made it to my bed.....and i think i am going to give into it.
night everyone!

20 November 2009

19 November 2009

i can't help but want to sleep

my battery is slowly dying and yes...i am too lazy to get up and plug in my laptop.

i ran a lot today. no excuse though. im being lazy.

anyway....i was thinking about what i am thankful for....and i remembered a conversation that a couple co-workers and i had the other day...we began to talk about kids now days...and how so many of them are "robbed" from a childhood. with their busy schedules....enrolled in 5billion things...stimulated by everything but their own imaginations {don't read me wrong...i'm not anti-video games and anti-tv...definately not anti-computers/technology} but honestly....kids now have no clue how to be creative....it killed me two summers ago when we {day camp} went to the henry ford museum and there were a few boys who walked around with their DS mesmorizing them. i never see kids outside playing. making forts. going on adventures in the woods. i remember my parents having to hunt us down just so that we could eat....all because we were having too much fun riding bikes and creating secret hiding spots. so many kids hate to read...to curl up under a tree and get lost in pages....let alone write! ...its like the simple things are forgotten....i remember spending hours entertaining myself by spinning a button on a string....or better yet, playing cats cradle with my sister. am i wrong? i am surrounded by kids daily {from school to day camp} and it saddens me!!! now dont read me the wrong way...i understand that parents are busy and that not ALL children are this way...but...it just seems like nobody makes couches for barbie out of kleenex boxes anymore.....

so my thankful thirty #19 {my favorite number btw!} is this....a happy, fulfilling, adventerous, exciting, imaginative and totally kick-butt childhood!

now for something ridiculus. things i would buy corey....but not really {haha}:






18 November 2009

can i just say...

that i absolutely love:
and i must admit {and my dears, zooey deschanel and jenny lewis, please refrain from jealousy}...but i have a slight crush on jayma mays aka the charming yet slightly neurotic emma pilsbury. i can't help it. i absolutely love her! and her outfits, my gosh! i swear sometimes i find myself forgetting about the plot because im completely mesmerized by her bows and beads. but alas, enough about that.....

wow. its hard to believe that today is already the 18th of november. i feel like i have so many holiday ideas that before i have time to complete them....christmas will be over. but what is new...really? haha. anyway....

thankful thirty #18 is patience. let me explain. in all of my life i have never really considered myself as a patient person. i am thankful for the "concept" of patience...and the fact that i have become extremely patient over the past few years. in several ways. i have begun to notice that, as of late, i have the tendency to take a step back and reevaluate things. not fly off the handle at every little thing. does that mean i never do? heck no. i am just saying, even though this statement will scare me to death...but i think i am slowly becoming a "mature" {haha...take this with somewhat of a grain of salt} individual...and with maturity comes patience. being a hothead will get you nowhere. shooting your mouth off will just get you in trouble. and not waiting can have consequences. i am glad and thankful to say....that i, danielle elizabeth, have patience.

Ecclesiastes 7:8 The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.
Proverbs 19:11 A man's wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.

my goal for tonight is an eleven o'clock bedtime....so ladies and gentlemen, i bid you ado


17 November 2009


today i am thankful for {number seventeenth} for water. i mean really.... we have it so lucky.....when we get thirsty, we go straight to the faucet {well...if you are me} for those of you who know me, you know i completely freak if i dont have my canteen with me.....

anyway, just think about it.

Psalm 42:1 As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.

in other news, today was somewhat of a crazy busy day...i started A TON of my christmas projects...which makes this girl a happy camper! i also subbed for joanie {the art teacher} this afternoon....oh so much fun as usual. ...lets see, after work i stopped by chris&jaime's to take pictures of baby mia.....so adorable.

i also ran today at the gym.....full-out ran. woooo! its been awhile since ive done that...and for 15-minutes too!

alright....sorry for these lame posts...my night time meds are making my eyelids droop.


16 November 2009

{planes, trains and automobiles}

well....i had a huge blog all ready in my head for you folks to enjoy tonight....but thanks to the excessive coughing that has been going around my house lately...i think ive caught it....again. yes, again. i swear i just got over this....
anyway, so before my meds totally kick in and i pass out, id like to mention my thankful thirty #16....spiritual leaders.
i can't help but be so grateful that these people {and many others} have had and continue to have such a great impact on my life...revealing the ways of the Lord to me...and being steadfast and strong. i love them all and look up to them with the utmost esteem. i thank God everyday for placing me with such wonderful guides....
...i am thankful for my parents...bringing me up in the ways that are right...
...i am thankful for the church "folks" who encourage along the way...
...i am thankful for my past sunday school teachers...
...i am thankful for my past-pastors...and leaders...
...i am thankful for my worship leaders...and those who encouraged me to use my talent to praise the Lord...

most of all...id would like to mention how grateful i am for these two....the ones that paved the way for my family...

i thank the Lord for revealing things to you....i thank the Lord for every prayer from your lips...papa&meme...i am thankful for YOU.

thats all for tonight.


Hebrews 13:7 Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

Proverbs 11:14 Where there is no wise guidance, the nation falls, but in the multitude of counselors there is victory.

15 November 2009

i have a cough {stupid}

thankful thirty #15...quality sister time. we don't get to do this often....but when we do, its worth every minute.

my friend {& past co-worker -AE-} invited me to the friends&family sale at american eagle. since our shopping day was cut short due to yesterdays fiasco....we decided to go....

we got LOTS of good deals......i got a new dress...

so did she....then we came home and took pictures.

why yes. these would be the lovely steve madden boots i did get to purchase yesterday. i am in love.
good deal #1. dress {$5.57}

good deal #2. dress {$5.57}...yes, i did ghetto-teacher rigged it to this chair.

good deal #3. floral tank {2.21}

good deal #4. herring bone (?) flats {$6.69}

good deal $5. uber cute necklace {$4.21}
...then ofcourse....more pictures of my boots....which were $120 and i scored them for $50 yesterday.
yes. yes.....i love a great deal.