07 November 2009

oh my blog!

well...well...well...today was QUITE the adventure...

my friend mel {now known as "melon" thanks to my brothers} came to visit me from farmington today. usually we only get to see each other when we are shooting weddings...so it was definately a nice change. the weather was absolutely beautiful....so we went for a car ride to lexington. i wanted to take her to smackwater jacks...one of my FAVORITE places to eat {its local...she had never been there before} anyway....

on the way to lexington we decided to stop in croswell...to see the "infamous swinging bridge"....i knew that the bridge was simply just a bridge...nothing too special...but keeping up with the spirit of our adventure....i decided what the heck. we were off.

and off.

after about 20-minutes or so {maybe more} of just driving around {in the same area...over and over again}....we decided if we didnt find it in 5-minutes, we were turning around. this is a horrible thing...especially when i have been there on various occasions. i just could NOT remember how to get there at all.....but then....there it was.

not only did we laugh hysterically. we debated even getting out of the car. however...we came to the conclusion that we didnt come this far just to give up. so we made sure we walked across the entire thing...and back. we were so unenthused we didnt even bring our cameras.....hence the horrible shot taken right from our car.....

we left almost as soon as we got there. and eventually we made it to our destination.

i decided to break default {vegetarian pizza...which is absolutely amazing} and opted for seafood bisque....which was almost equally amazing.

i also ordered herb sticks...thinking i didnt have enough to eat.....little did i know that this would end up being part of my lunch and dinner....hahaha...i was wicked full!

our photoshoot/adventure began.... i caught mel....

then she caught me....there are so many pictures that should be added in between here........but i am super tired....so i will briefly mention our trip to the hot pink wall.....the overpriced vintage shop....the general store.........crazy joe's? {whatever that was.....}

and yes, the end of the pier.

once we got back into town i asked mel to take some shots of corey and i {part of our christmas present for his parents&grandma....}...these were some of my favorites:

thanks mel! i had such a great day....not to mention...some young girl stopped me at the store {this was later...after corey and i dropped mel off at her car} and told me how much she liked my outfit....i couldnt help but be flattered. haha.

ah....well....church comes early in the morning....but before i go...here is my Thankful Thirty for today.....

7. my feet. dear God, i am so thankful....so blessed...for the feet that you have given me...the feet that carry me through each day.....on every adventure i go....may the continue to be strengthened and used to strengthen those around me....

{romans 10:15 "how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"}

sleep tight everyone.


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06 November 2009


it's friday night...and the mood is right...gonna have some fun...show them how it's done...TGIF!!!

ah....those, my friends, were the good ol' days. haha. anyway, happy friday friends! i hope all of you had as eventful day as i. seriously though, i am so tired i didn't bother going to the gym tonight...after we went grocery shopping i just decided i was too exhausted. so now i sit here...bringing the blog that i promised earlier.

before i show you my thankful thirty (and explain the whole shabang)...i wanted to share something...today at school, we were asked to have our classes spend PD (professional development) time making christmas cards for a young boy (5) who is dying of cancer. i was informed that his only wish was to get as many christmas cards as he could....sadly, his family has been told he will not even make it until then. it absolutely breaks my heart that anyone should die...especially children...those who cant even grasp the concept of death yet....who have so much future stolen away. for today's "Seek the Need"...not only did my students make cards...but i joined in as well...i sent a prayer with it...because i've been there....not a child, but a mother.....

now...leading on to my thankful thirty. i have decided to participate in blogger jamie's little idea. every day throughout november, i am going to post a picture of something i am thankful for. since it is the 6th already, today i will be posting 6 pictures....yeah...im a little behind...but oh well!!! so here we have it:

1. two kick-butt parents who made a kick-butt family. mom....i miss you so very much. i see you in me everyday.....i love you all.

2. the word. i need you more than my necessary food.

3. the boy. we're embarking on yet another year....4 is not enough. you are my best friend. my confidant. always&forever. through thick&thin. ily.

4. my job. it's not a "real" teaching job....but its a job nevertheless....God says he gives us the small things to see if we can handle the big things. i won't be a 7th/8th grade ELA TA forever...he knows that...i know that....it's all in his hands...

5. my morning team. coffee beans. coffee grinder. coffee pot. disney mugs. without you my day would be a wreck.

6. my cameras. thank you, dear nikon, for giving me the opportunity to see the world through my viewfinder. i was lost without my d40...and now i couldn't survive without my d90.

well folks....i think im going to start some projects....comment on blogs....eat a brownie....&r-e-l-a-x


maypo and black coffee

i really wish i was motivated enough to run upstairs grab, my camera, find an empty memory card and run back down here to snap a shot of that beautiful sunrise outside the window. oranges, purple and blues...wrestling together in the sky...yeah. i think i can handle this. as most of you know (who follow me on here), 7:09 am is not a time i usually blog. let me put it this way...i woke up before my alarm clock and have everything almost ready to leave (although...its days like these i end up running behind..eventually). im going to make this quick because im sure ill be back on later....but hey, hey!! IT'S FRIDAY!!! (there was a teacher in my high school who, on fridays, would always let his class scream "IT'S FRIDAY" at the beginning of class...on fridays ofcourse).

in saying all of that, and i know i am a little behind, AND i know i said i wasnt going to make "lists"....(ive come to realize...i need my lists. im sorry....think of this more like a wish list)....but here are my AUTUMNAL GOALS!!!

there are rules mind you. (in order from keeping my list addiction to a minimum)...for instance....20 goals a month...no more....take my time, don't rush, don't try to complete them all in a day....ANYWAY....here goes it:

1. Make a "Thankful Thirty" (more to come on this goal later!!! im excited!!!)
2. Finish Jaime&Natalie's DVD (DONE!!!!)
3. Take the Handmade Challenge and come up with at least ONE handmade gift for each person this year for Christmas.
4. Continue to "Seek the Need" and then actually blog about it.
5. Read at least ONE (sounds easy....but my schedule....sheesh!) book by December
6. Leave comments regularly on at least 5 blogs
7. Buy a pair of TOMS with my birthday money
8. Watch 500 Days of Summer or any other Zooey Deschanel movie I've missed (or haven't missed...lol)
9. Make an AliEdwards paperbag book
10. Learn to knit
11. Get the sewing machine working
12. Go to the gym regularly
13. Finish "I'm not afraid of my future"
14. Commit to my camera; Daily Explorations
15. Create new blogger header w/ my old name: TREESLIKEGIANTS
16. Make my letter wall tree (pictures will follow when completed)
17. Start Joshua's monster
18. Get photos of Corey and I for his parents present
19. Make a Christmas wreath for my door
20. Start to gather/begin "you know what" for "you know who" (BWAHAHA)

okay. now i really have to go get ready. i have like 20 minutes before i have to walk out the door.
have a wonderful days!!

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” (Lao Tzu)


02 November 2009


my brain will explode one day. i just know it. they will write that the cause of death was manic insanity: explosion of the brain.


blah.blah.blah. i hate feeling blah. its the worst case of nothingness EVER. there is nothing i can do about it. i sit in my room and drive myself crazy. i literally feel the need to punch a wall....scream at the top of my lungs....all for no reason at all. i am angry. and blah. and sad. and i partially know why but not totally. i think if i go to bed now i might forget. booooooo. bad mood! get away from me.

01 November 2009


nothing quite beats a fresh new set of bedsheets...especially when you just want to pass out.

i honestly cannot believe its november all ready. as i drove down the road yesterday, with corey besides me, i couldnt help but gawk at the already naked branches. where did fall go? the leaves lasted but a moment. before we know it, winter gloom will be sneaking up on us {like fog and little cats feet}....one thing i look forward to, however, is all the talk of getting a membership at our new YMCA. winter has a tendancy to bring my mood to an ultimate low....but i do believe having the opportunity to get those endorphins pumping will dramactically effect my emotions. not to mention, they have a lazy river....talk about some r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n.

speaking of november....i think i am going to start thinking about the holidays. i know....not yet danielle! but oh....only i would start this early and still not be ready. ha. not to mention....this year i plan on being more original. im so sick of buying crap from mega-retailers "just-because"...this year i want more meaning in the gifts i give....

anyway....i think i am going to listen to some music and wait for the boy to call. sometimes it sucks how little we actually get to hang out. haha......and when we do....something gets vadelized and time gets wasted waiting for the police to come....haha.