10 October 2009

oh how i love thee

{sexy little things:noir}

the other day i bought a little bottle of this stuff....can i say i absolutely L-O-V-E it??? not only does it smell wonderful, i am totally loving the whole vintage vibe. this is definately going on "the list".


06 October 2009

{grow some big feet}

i'll be the first {okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration} to say that i love, love, love karen o & her work with the where the wild things are soundtrack! all is love is an uber cute song....and inspired my photoshop "practice"...which, can i say, my brother dale is amazing. i am so happy that he can show me some tricks. right now i just created a new banner.....we'll see what tomorrow has in store.

other new things i adore. *drum roll please*............ TOM shoes. the cw's vampire diaries. pink punk nail polish. the library & 50cent classics. new bedsheets. oatmeal w/ walnuts&raisins. jeans day at work. my eco-makeup brushes. ambition to teach myself how to knit. online writers toolboxes. surprises. & of course...the ever popular come-back...mister corey "i have a beard again" reid.

speaking of reading {haha}...i got a new book today at the library...i do hope to begin it tomorrow...sometime if possible...

okay...i really need to go to bed. i had so much to write....but my brain is exhausted.

papa&meme will be in from MA tomorrow...i can't wait to see them.