02 October 2009

{birthday wishes: part one}

i am not one to remember the answer to, "what would you like for your birthday?"...so here i make a list.





{can't tell that i am an ELA teacher, can you?}



well.....bed time!!!


ive got that taffy feeling again

the pull.
the s t r e t c h .
the why?

blah. a rainy, cold, blah, yet nice day {to cuddle up on the couch underneath a large blanket}.
im frustrated. yet complacent. my stupid list has grown. and my brain has fried. i feel like a dog, chasing its tail and never quite getting it right. i just want to sleep. to lay in bed and waste a day.

tomorrow is saturday. already. i have another wedding {which is great, yet tiring}. i have pictures left to edit. portfolios to perfect. things to create. birthdays to think about. music to practice. friends to hang out with. things to buy. books to read. and time to tick.

is {aNYbOdy} out there?

01 October 2009


...its not that i cant really...i just dont want to...

29 September 2009

pocket watches and bunny holes.

it's a quarter to 8...if i don't get moving...yeah, i'll be late...so that's all the time...i'll leave for this rhyme...

ha. okay so sometimes i get carried away...but i can't help it. i thought i would jot a quick note on my lonely blogger before i head off to school.

its amazing how long my list keeps getting.
and while i sleep, i dream.
vivid dreams.
not like i ever had before.
and then it makes me scared&happy because my list begins to shrink.
things i am doing.
not just sitting.
(so i make up some words.)
then i wake up.
i grind my coffee.
and press repeat on my brain.
paranoia? yes.
wrinkles...and warning signs.
ahhhhh! i need to do it.
and stop making lists....

blah. i ramble. this is not th epost i meant to create. but sometimes.....the heart wants, what the heart wants!


okay...i must go to work.
until then,

27 September 2009

balinski wedding

aaaaah...a week of pictures....a month of weddings...school pictures...senior pictures...get in line ;)