25 September 2009

what do i have, that i can be grateful right now?

life. God.
i am thankful that each day is a new day.
i am grateful for my family. i am grateful for Corey.
i am blessed that despite all of the wrong and disappointing events that happen in my life, i can move forward.
i am happy that i am allowed some freedom in the country in which i live.
i am ecstatic that i can utilize my creativity in several avenues of my life.

Lord, help me not to bury and hide the talents given to me just because things don't always go my way when i want them...help me to become MORE grateful. MORE understanding. MORE compassionate. MORE satisfied. MORE of the best i can be.

Lord, help me to be MORE like you...

21 September 2009


how did i not know that this happened? zooey deschanel {my all-time F A V OR I T E } and ben gibbard {deathcabforcutie} got hitched on saturday! yay!!! i can't wait to see wedding pictures...if they ever post anything {i can't find anything as of yet, so i am assuming there really wont be...}...i just love her style....



i honestly cannot believe how horrible i feel right now. my head is pounding. my eyes are tired. my throat is hoarse. my chest is congested. my nose is burning. maybe its a sign to crawl into bed right now...i really want to, but i had to take my car in to get aligned {i'm waiting to pick it up}...and then there is dinner {which i have absolutely no appetite for}...

20 September 2009


can i say that i am recently obsessed with nine west's vintage american collection? yes...these will be my next purchases.


okay...so i need to catch you up about this weekend but first...this:

my piano is gone.

okay, not gone, gone....but moved....out of my room....into the church....i am ready to start playing there again {i think...were trying} but i now no longer have my piano at home....i will miss the convenience of it being within my reach...

i am currently on the look out for another. one that i can use to play at home. i am so sad.....let me know if you see any good deals.