12 September 2009

{cherry poptarts}

...okay...so i havent had them in years, but they taste exactly the same...briefly delicious{at least i believe your tongue is tricked into thinking that}, yet all they are, are unsatisfying, highly-caloric&chemical infested pieces of cardboard....

...in other news, PHHS Big Reds mudered our cross-town rivals {i'll leave the name annonymous for those of you who like to cry}...but the score was 49-28...oh yeah, did i mention, PHHS won ;)

i feel kind of bad since yesterday was 9/11 and i never had the opportunity to blog about it. i thought about it all day...the words to write, that may bring comfort to those people and families who mourn.....the sad thing is, it is only 2009....and i do believe, people have forgotten....yes, it was a horrible tragedy, but it spoke volumes of our country. i'm not talking about those who fought so hard to protect us, i am talking about all of the inactive, self-absorbed people who just took it as another day in our easy-peasy american lifestyle....and never changed. if anything, we should have learned in that moment that life can change drastically in the blink of an eye...we always need to be on-guard....and if you think i am talking about a specific group of people, i am not....oh how does the old saying go? united we STAND, divided we FALL.....

on a lighter note....i am completely revamping my room today. we'll...mostly my clothes...i have acquired new stuff, yet being the sentimental pack-rat i can tend to be at times....my drawers are bursting at the seams {?} ....for heaven's sake, my jeans are folded and stacked on my floor and my closet doesn't even have enough hangers...its not because i buy a lot...i just don't get rid of anything....i have shirts that i never wear because my mini-career at sam's club destroyed them.....and pants practically ripped to shreads because "regular" jeans are still too long....

alas, it's 9:37...i have stuff to do, i guess...

-clothes revamp
-get my brakes fixed
-get two new tires on my car
-bring something back to the store
-go to the bank
-and if time permits....read&create{i have a list}

until then,

10 September 2009

i need...

good thing i have a birthday coming up....right? ;) haha.

it took me until 8:44pm to finally blog today...

...okay...so i will admit i have been blog-stalking { mark&candice } for at LEAST a year now...it feels like so much longer actually...anyway, i recently read they were "expecting" and saw these pictures {done by another great, amelia lyon} ...seriously, have you ever seen a cuter pregnant couple??? i LOVE this: {the picture below is another photo i love....taken by the brookes}

09 September 2009

good morning sun, i am a bird.

i don't know why i bother to iron these pants. the very minute i sit, is the very minute they crease...and stay creased. i suppose if i never ironed them though, i would definately never wear them. hmmm.....life long lesson of the day, perhaps?

rather than letting it get tossed to the wayside, get the iron out all the time.

as dad says in church, "you'll get that"

{ w e d n e s d a y } already. times just seems to fly by. the days are getting darker, faster and i cannot sleep completely through the night. i really need to start meeting my pillow earlier. these oh-so- early-mornings will just kill me. i am sure of it.

fifteen minutes and i should probably leave for work. fifteen minutes. yesterday was somewhat of an "out-of-body" experience. i felt sooooo lazy because there was nothing for me to do. or at least, no one told me to do anything. typically this is fine, i just didn't want to look like a loaf on my first day. as if it weren't bad enough that i could barely sit up. {i'm telling you, i need some sleep for this body...} maybe today...maybe

last night i went out with the bestie. its amazing how a cup of coffee&good conversation can put an ease to things. as usual, cais and i grabbed our stack of mags, sat and listened to our words dance with the rain outside starbucks window. it was quite a productive evening. we talked of birthdays and haunted plantations. vacations and future living spaces. we're thinking of starting to take walks....just a few minutes out of each day to exchange words and enjoy each others company...

alright. i must say goodbye.

"Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do."
Gerry Sikorski


08 September 2009

and they'll say, we fell in love...

"danielle, you really need to get over your self-consciousness..."

my dad said this to me just yesterday. we were at tjmaxx and i set something i wanted down...when i went back to go get it, i said forget it...because a lady was standing in my way. when i got back to my dad, he asked why i had not made a purchase..and i just simply replied with, "its okay...that lady was in the way...i'm ready to go..." he said, "just go get it"...easy for him to say...he is brave. for those of you who know me, you might think that i am the OPPOSITE of shy. well, thats because you know me....i have a horrible character trait of being extremely anxious and full of worry. its horrible!!! i typically get over it....eventually...but boy, is it ever hard for me.

so, as i anxiously sit here, waiting for the clock to strike the minutes to tell me to leave for my first official day at landmark, i can't help but be nervous. anxious. completely insane. wishing to crawl back under the covers. but i can't. i can't live a life hid under the covers because of fear.

god has not given me the spirit of fear...but of power, love and a sound mind.

today is going to be a good day. i must be.....i just need to move these feet.


07 September 2009

five am

this is the time i am setting my alarm clock for. why, might you ask? tomorrow is the first day of school. my first day at landmark academy. i cant help but be excited....and nervous....all at the same time. in one sense, i feel like i am far beyond even being close to ready....but in the same, i am a teachers assistant...meaning i assist. tomorrow is somewhat of a big step. its a "real" job. i am not a cashier....i am not a sales associate...i am not a coffee barista. i am a teacher. weird...all those years of schooling and its time to "grow up". kind of scary if you ask me. it has been putting me in a funky mood lately too. that stuck mood. where...i dont know what to do next.

ten-thirty is on the brink...and i need my sleep.

until tomorrow, when dawn breaks.....

{peter alexander}

i came across this site, while looking at this site. super cute. i couldnt figure out how to save the pictures, so i borrowed this from this site.


you know that heavy feeling that makes you cough?

...well, yeah....i think i've got it.

i woke up this morning, definately feeling not up to par. then it hit me...a coughing fit. one of those deep coughs that actually kind of hurt. i noticed yesterday when we were at the store it began. i prayed it was something else. but when you cough like that...you know its coming.

ahhh! i need prevention...or at least something to nip the bud! school starts tomorrow and i am soooo not in the mood {as if we ever really are} to be sick already.


happy labor day.