05 September 2009


"Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what's to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come..."

{the wonder years}

04 September 2009

hey girl, hey!



for those of you who know me, you know i love words. i LOVE words. i love drawing words. i love learning new words. when i lived in saginaw, i found this website....perfect for word lovers. enter words and it randomizes them. i decided to create this one...it randomized words from my blogger!

now i need to go get ready for the day. big weekend ahead. stephanie AND sarahann will be here. i cannot fathom...

Wordle: theyellowcanary

AMMENDMENT: boo. it wont let me enlarge it....just click! make one too. you can even print them!

03 September 2009

happy camper

yay! tonight was fun....angelle and i decided to go to the rockin' on the riverfront show tonight {hey, free...} in turn, we had a blast!

one day, on my own walls...

02 September 2009


my new favorite song by mutemath. these guys are a must see....some of the best performers...{e v e r}

for a girl who was always afraid of clowns, this makes me somewhat of a freak...

but can i am INSANELY OBSESSED with vintage/circus inspired things. the color scheme of things is absolutely amazing....i think it all began last year{?} when i checked out some childrens books at the library by gris grimly {okay...so he is a little twisted, but i love his characters!}...{he does a good job not putting his artwork online....this is all i could really find...}
anyway....circus art. stripes. reds&blacks&blues&handbar mustaches...i don't have much more to even say.....

01 September 2009

and i said to him, meet me at eleven...

and he did. for ten cents a piece we rode the morning away...so interesting are the things you pass by in your everyday hustle...sometimes you really do need to stop and smell the roses...

house of leaves

as i began to get ready for my day, words flooded into my brain...{this sort of thing tends to happen when im not all go, go, go!}...i began to hear the words {and im definitely NOT quoting...its just the gist of it} of a book i read a few years ago, that really interested me....

it was about a house. a house, whose measurements inside were much greater than the measurements on the outside.

when i read that, i almost skipped right through it...thinking nothing of the concept or reality of the statement. i mean, how many houses do YOU know that measure LARGER on the inside than the outside? ...yeah...thats what i thought.

now if i can truly grasp this...id like to say i most jealous of this house...but ah!! the bible says that we are the house...and if we have Him in our lives....how great will our inside measure?! you better believe we are bursting at the seams....

just something to think about.

happy september {one}


31 August 2009

i think that its about time...

to go to bloggers-anonymous.

we got more class in port huron, then all y'all combined

so today i came to the realization that in a flight or fight situation, i would most likely freeze instead. it was definately all fun and games until one of port huron's finest got out of her car. i am not trying to be mean, honest...let me explain....

today we had our staff picnic for Landmark Academy...kind of a "kick-off" to the school year ordeal...on the list of festivities was a scavenger hunt, which angelle and i were eagerly awaiting. the rules of the game were to leave goodells park and head to downtown port huron, searching for answers to the clues we were given. when the time finally rolled around to getting into teams, we were more than ready to "win". we ended up riding with two other girls {one of them drove} and we made it through a lot of our questions really fast...laughing and having fun the entire time. we thought we were clever and used one of the girls phones to google some of the phone numbers and answers, so we could skip those stops. before we knew it, we figured them all out {or at least we thought}....as we started to head back to the fairgrounds, we started talking about how fun it was and hoped we would win {we finished rather quickly}....only then did our "adventure begin"...

as we advanced on water street {towards the express way} an iridescent purple-teal camaro, with a vulgar hot pink window decal, drove in front of us {at a good, decent distance too, mind you}....wellllll, the fact that she could see us in her rear view mirrors was obviously ticking her off so she decided to aggressively scream out her window at us....seeing that we weren't "on her tail"...we kind of decided to ignore her choice of volume/words and continue on our way...when she noticed this she decided to slam on her brakes....i seriously thought we were going to die....thank god for the girl driving us...she handled the situation awesome....we decided to switch lanes to avoid anymore confrontation...well "morgie" {yes, her car told us that too} decided she still wanted to "play"...so instead of leaving us to ourselves, she swerved in front of us and slammed on the brakes a couple more times...we switched lanes again {oh, i almost forgot....there was a "classy" gentleman sitting in the passengers seat, incessantly waving his middle finger at us}....our attempt to avoid didn't seem to help the situation AT ALL, because before we knew it...."morgie" slammed on her brakes, stopped in the middle of traffic, threw her door open and came spitting, swinging and swearing our way. i looked over at angelle and she looked how i felt....frozen, shocked and in absolute awe of the whole situation. i couldn't even begin to wrap my mind around what was happening, but i freaked out. i seriously thought someone was going to get hurt...and the way she was practically jumping through the window at our driver, i was hoping it wasnt going to be one of us...the girl driving us remained calm and tried to fix the situation, but "morgie" was NOT having it....the girl driving us cautiously backed up and the other girl stomped off to her car....leaving us an escape for safety.

all i could think was W-O-W. seriously, no one...for no reason should EVER be that mad. i honestly felt sorry for her...because it just proved she has a lot and i mean A LOT of hate...

so there.....thats my story.....i feel like this is somewhat of a negative post, but i think i can turn that around by quoting something from my dad:

"never argue with a fool, because if you do, those watching will not be able to tell WHO the fool is".....

til next time,

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” {marktwain}

in nehemiah it says that the joy of the LORD is our strength. oh, how true it is! another quote by mark twain states, “humor is mankind’s greatest blessing”...and the man couldnt be any more right. each day, i am learning more and more, that the cares of this life are not as "important" as we make them out to be. we walk around with serious mugs on our faces, drug down by this problem and that. worry, doubt and fear steal away our joy....when it should be the other way around! time and time again we have heard that laughter is the best medicine and research has actually been done and found this to be true! so yeah, go ahead, fill up on another round of sUnSHinE because its good for you ;)