09 July 2009

{don't blame it on the ocean floor}

as i sit here and eat my melon, blueberry and "soy"gurt breakfast....i can't help but sit back and think about summer's passed where the beach came not on thursday's alone...with a day camp...but everyday with my mom and siblings. when i say EVERY day, i am not kidding you. we called the beach "the office"...our summer job...and if it was up to us, we would make it last throughout an entire 365. i get sad when i go to the beach now, but also calmed. as the waves come along the shoreline i am allowed to breath. it shows me the right way. God's peace. God's assurance. God's consolation that everything will be okay.

"for you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands" {isaiah 55:12}

05 July 2009

i have decided {at least for now}

...that next year will be a year of NO solo-weddings. i may just begin there. in the craziness i have bestowed upon myself this summer...i have started to {i don't want to say "lose"; i don't know the right word to put here} my passion for it. NOT photography....but wedding photography. don't take this wrong. i love each and everyone of my clients this year and last, AND i love doing weddings still...i just find myself no longer taking pictures in the special moments for myself. i know longer carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE i go. i am growing as a photographer...in a sense....but i long for more. after this current wedding season, i think i am going to take a hiatus....for experimental sake. who knows....i'll probably change my mind come next may....but i feel a lot of pressure already concerning a couple weddings i have already accepted for 2010.

til then,