26 June 2009

it already know what it will feel like when i awake.

because regardless of whether or not i go to sleep now or in an hour...i will feel as though i didn't sleep at all. yeah, i just know it is going to be one of those nights.

tomorrow is a big day. that's why.

dunkin' donuts @ 9:30 with the de{foto} street team.

10am photoshoot @ the beach&possibly downtown.

pacsun&ae {sale} shopping spree.

beach. beach. beach.

fireworks with corey!!!!

i can't wait. night everyone....sorry for such a cheap update.


25 June 2009

my god, it's only 9:59pm?

oh. make that 10pm. definitely my bed time. today has been one of those weird kind of days. first farrah and now michael...not to mention my car hit 44,444 miles the minute i rolled into the driveway and ever since i woke up this morning it felt like friday.
it was another crisper day too. spent it at lakeside beach with the day camp kiddies. not so bad, actually really enjoyable today. a couple of the little girls have really taken a liking to me. one makes me friendship bracelets, another colors me pictures and writes "i love danielle" around the edges. we sang the hippapotamus song all day long.
tomorrow we hit up the pool. my skin kind of cringes at the thought. i should have been a little more careful, but my god. i have color.
i am having a photoshoot session with my de{foto} team saturday. i won't lie, i'm pretty excited for it. that day also beholds fireworks in the evening. i cannot wait. simply because...well...its on my summer list. oh let the hallelujahs ring.
well...im whipped. tomorrow is it for the week, so to speak. pizza with the fam. relaxing in the pm. as for now...im off to sleep.

tomorrow is supposed to be nice! get up, go out! because i'll be following the sun...


24 June 2009

yay! my shoulders are burnt!

no folks. that is not sarcasim. i am estatic because step one of my tanning process is now over. my shoulders may be crispy and destined for melenoma, but i'll be tan! haha. how pathetic and vain am i? you would think i would learn by now.

today we went to spencer beach. it was like a million degrees out and i refuse to swim at spencer. why? its an inland lake. danielle does not do inland lakes. why? one word: ecoli. yep. i do not need to go on. let me put it this way, "going in the water" today for me meant rinsing off in the outdoor showers ;)

...ironically i am not tired from last night. the movie i thought was alright. i mean...i would watch transformers again....but i definately wouldn't pay for it twice. i don't know. i guess it was just simply o k a y .

corey was {and still is} sick with a cold/allergy combo...so before the movie we went to walmart to stock up on some meds. in the process of getting out of the car {listening to corey sing hannah montana} we bumped into a van-full of every avenue. haha. yeah, josh dave and the crew were getting out right when we were...so we all walked around walmart for a little while and caught up.

its funny how you see people you used to always hang out with when you go out late and not go to bed at 10pm.

anyway....im going to play some guitar hero with the boys.

beach tomorrow! as long as there are no thunderstorms.....


23 June 2009



i made a promise to myself that this summer was going to be a good one...and after last nights' extremely exhausted/ridiculus mental break down...i'm ready to welcome summer with open arms.

i know i haven't been on in awhile and my reason for that is because everytime i seem to write, its due to an anxiety attack. i had one yesterday. a bad one. and i apologize to corey since he had to listen to me on the phone completely freaking out. i think its quite rude when you barely get to talk to a person, then you ramble on an complain. i thank-you for being patient with me.

anyway, i am done dealing with yesterday. it's a thing of the past and like i said, i'm ready to make every moment count this summer. time goes by too quickly.

my goal this summer is to be active. try new things. by happy.

once again {for those who don't already know} i am working yet another summer at the day camp. {what is it, year 6 now? hahaha} this year corey is working with me, so wooo! that's something new. yesterday we went to the zoo. it was wicked hot and i won't lie, it was probably the most miserable trip to the zoo that i have ever taken {i have the k-2 group}. hot. sweaty. sticky. looooong.

i am taking a couple photography classes this summer. my teachers are absolutely amazing {yay to rosie&shawn}. i have already learned so much in two sessions...i look forward to more.

i bought a skateboard. i have always wanted to do it and i am. i pretty much can only ride it right now {no tricks}....i need someone to show me. my fear has started to dwindle as far as hopping on it and stuff....

i am about to start a new book series. book one: the uglies. i'll let you know how it goes.

i also have a ton of weddings and the de[foto} street team this summer......oi! lots of work to do....

now, with all of that said....my list has things that have yet to be touched....

i want to play music everyday. yes, my guitar and piano. i want to write music again....

i want to run. like, it would be amazing to actually run in a race. i am totally interested because running is something i HATE to do but i know i give up too easily.

i want to go to bonfires. have bonfires. roast marshmellows.

i want to go to the beach. a lot.

i want to find a job for fall. know of any teaching openings???

i want to go to ann arbor. to the children's museum. to much more.

...there is much more...but you get the idea. this summer is going to be a good one. i can feel it in my bones.

WELL, i need to go get ready. i am going to see the opening for transformers with corey&co. {haha} i am SO excited. we never get to hang out. saturday we are going to see fireworks!!!

this is a happy girl.