11 June 2009

excuses, excuses.

first and foremost, i have to say that i am UBER excited for this de{foto} fresh-face contest. haha. i have quite a few submissions and a MILLION ideas. along with those million ideas...i have a million things to do.

i swear, my list is NEVER empty. i pile project upon project upon project. this is my current project/to do list:

1. Teaching Portfolio
2. Photography Portfolio/Website Update
3. Finish the Twilight Saga
4. Get my LLC
5. Apply for Teaching Jobs
6. Get Ready for Day Camp
7. Organize de{foto} Street Team {Press Kits, etc.}
8. Finish Editing Matt&Ashley's Wedding Pictures
9. Finish Editing Kevin&Tristin's Engagement Pictures
10. Take Stephanie&Justin's Engagement Pictures
11. Take Janel&Josh's Engagement Pictures
12. Order More Business Cards
13. Exercise!
14. Create More Adventures with Zola
15. Start my Summer Reading List

so yeah....these are all things that need to be started...5-days ago. haha.

tomorrow is the last day of school! i get to go to lakeport state park with the 5th graders.....then its SUMMERRRRRRR! {dispite the weather!}

i'll be on later to post my summer reading list. i bought a new book today!

til then,

08 June 2009

sunsets and silhouette dreams...

so i've been editing pictures from ashley and matt's wedding all night...but thanks to this thunderous storm outside my window...my internet is being quite difficult. everytime i try to load a picture, it decides that it doesn't want to. i'm not even sure if this blog will end up submitting...so i'll keep it short.
four days left of school. FOUR DAYS. i can't help but be honest that i am quite ready for it. unfortunately, job hunting has been quite tough right now. i can't find any openings around here at all. just keep me in your prayers...because it is definately all in Gods hands.
i substitute teach tomorrow...half day again...i really would like to finish eclipse....but lately i can't get the students to settle down enough to where i can concentrate. we will see what tomorrow brings.
alright. i'm going to try to upload once again....here's to that!

peace&love everyone <3

07 June 2009

CONTEST: de{foto} is looking for fresh faces...

...and it could be YOU!

diverse, young and inspiring individuals who are interested in being part of the de{foto} team. I am currently in the process of building both the senior&portrait sections of my photography portfolio and am looking for FIVE new faces. Not only will you become a model for de{foto}, but you will also be a part of the street team and spread the word (pass out flyers, business cards, etc.)! so whether you are a soon to be senior, currently a senior, or could pass for a senior...READ ON!

*Photo-sessions! (Each photo-session we have, you get to keep FIVE of your favorite shots for FREE....you can print them, upload them as facebook/myspace profile pictures, etc.)*Discounts! (For every referral, you will receive discounts...you could even earn free photoshoots....think senior pictures!)*Publicity! (As a model for de{foto}, you will see your face on defotography.com, business cards/flyers, de{foto} networking sites like myspace and facebook, etc.)*Opportunity! (Think of this as a way to meet new people! To build your own portfolio! Or just for something interesting to do!)

Send me ( defotography@gmail.com ) your name, age, photo of yourself or link to your myspace/facebook and a creative reason for WHY you want to be part of the de{foto} team. All applicants must be entered by next sunday....if by next sunday not many have applied, i may consider an extension. I understand it is the last week of school and things are pretty hectic....but as of right now, entries must be in by June 14th :) finalists may end up on the blog....allowing de{foto} followers to vote!invite friends. make it fun. peace&lovedanielle

***DISCLAIMER***Since many of you are UNDER 18, before any pictures are ever taken...your parent/guardian will have to sign a model release form. Don't let this sidetrack you from applying! It's really easy and will be emailed to you upon applying.


\ˈdel-ˌyüj, -ˌyüzh; ÷də-ˈlüj, ˈdā-ˌlüj\

noun: an overwhelming amount or number

i havent blogged in about a week. well, since i got back from MA. basically, i am completely sick of looking at the computer screen {thanks to editing...haha} 3 weddings in 2 weeks...not to mention the engagement shots i did yesterday. as you can guess, taking pictures for "fun" {yeah, as in that 365 experiement i considered doing to become familiar with my camera...} has been placed somewhat on the back-burning. i have two more engagement shoots to set-up, do, then edit...and if i can get them done this week...then i will have the rest of june to "relax" until my july weddings start up.
in other news, WHEN IS THIS WEATHER GOING TO WARM UP? talk about bi-polar! ill admit this...i havent stressed about exercise or bathing suits or anything like that yet because it still looks like winter out! haha.

YIKES! i lost track of the time....i need to finish getting ready for church. ill write more later.

so i heard this, this morning on the gospel music channel....brings me back to my "youth" hahaha.

be careful little children what you see...be careful little children what you hear...for the father up above he is looking down in love....so be careful little children what you see...