26 May 2009

sometimes i wonder if its worth the 85 bucks.

i subbed today. it was a full day for elementary. i won't lie. maybe i'm already at that slump in my career. haha. i wanted to seriously run out screaming. it wasn't as bad as i make it sound....but dear god almighty PLEASE....high school tomorrow?so i havent posted in a few days...thats because i've been busy...and i will be busy until next week...or longer1. i subbed everyday last week2. friday entailed family pizza night...yum, yum mancinos! there is a reason they know us by name...3. saturday was kara and jebez's wedding...old friends, good times...i'm slowly working my way through the editing process4. sunday was church, ofcourse!...then i met up with the incredible ruth (one of kara's bridesmaids and newfound friend!!!) for some coffee...and to plan my trip to cali to go visit her...haha...5. monday was not that memorial of a day. i slept in. i showered in the late afternoon. corey came over. i listened to him and dale jam. we played games. i slept some more.6. and today....is well, today.friday i am off to shoot a wedding with mel! i cannot wait. not to mention we are having a slumber party because saturday i am flying to massachusetts for ashley and matts wedding!!! whew! i am looking forward to sleeping on the plane....when i get home i have some engagement shoots and other photoshoots....speaking of which, caisee my darling, let me know about thursday....only bummer thing is its supposed to t-storm!!!anyway...im off to bed.peace&love.