23 April 2009

pomp and circumstance..

im really frustrated right now. i have so much that i have to do that i don't want to do and i have no one who can help me do it. first and foremost, i have absolutely no idea what i have to do when it comes to applying for my teaching certificate. i have already applied for graduation, but this is totally different. i don't understand it at all. i also have to write a resume and create a stupid teaching portfolio...which leads me to applying for a job next fall.my sister and my dad keep getting on my case about getting all of it done, but the minute i ask them for help they don't have time...and then it's my fault. i am seriously sick and tired of it! it would take two minutes for them to look it over, but no.corey can't help either. basically because he has no clue what to do.so what do i opt to next? my closest family friend. yes, the one who dubs me her "best"...the one who is already a teacher and she makes a rude comment about how she cant help me tonight, but maybe tomorrow. (which is a stab at me b/c i declined her offer to visit tomorrow night) forget it!im just so frustrated i want to scream. i don't even feel ready for this. i feel trapped by it all. its suffocating me. my lungs are stressed. ughhhhh.sometimes i just feel so alone and lost and no one cares.

21 April 2009