07 February 2009

25 random things about me (thanks bec for tagging me...i never do this, but what the heck?)

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1. i am an undeniable dreamer...seriously though, the heads in the clouds but the feet are still on the ground...ive wanted to go on a road trip across the us for along time...eat new foods, see historic sites, try new things (from surfing to snowboarding)....who's game?
2. i agree with rebecca, google is a gift from the gods
3. i love ice cream, cheese, chocolate milk and everything and all things dairy....they just no longer like me
4. rebecca, i read your number 4 and i cant go any further without saying your my best friend too. (its ok corey and caisee...you know your in a different sector of best friend labelling..muah!) "sisters are forever friends"...even if sometimes we dont see eye to eye...
5. i love,love, LOVE taking pictures...even though i graduate this may with my elementary education degree...i would quit this instant if someone told me i could do it forever (and be able to survive/support...hahah) OH!...and im not talking about doing just weddings, senior photos, etc. etc.....i am going to quote rebecca right now because i feel the same way "i seriously cannot envision myself being a teacher for the rest of my life"...amen.
6. i can paint and draw relatively well. i just never take the time anymore....
7. speaking of never taking the time....i love creating music...i play 4 instruments and used to write my own stuff...now i watch tv. (I SUCK!!!!)
8. i HATE tv. it warps my brain and steals my minutes.
9. i am living a legacy of lethargy as of late....
10. i am a coffee addict. dont talk to me unless ive had my first 5 cups....unless you wish to hear low-toned ramblings of nothingness...
11. i lived in saginaw....if you think staying in your room and occasionally going to walmart is fun, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY MOVE THERE!!!!!!!
12. i would kill to live in warm weather.....i mean, somewhere where i will never have to wear a parka AGAIN.
13. i am not trendy. i dont try to keep up with things too much....."but danielle, you wear chuck taylors like everyday..." ...ive been wearing converse hightops since elementary school.....yeah they were definately hot pink and i definately wore them with dresses. who's cool now? :P
14. i want to have one of those spontaneous "drop everything and go" moments....i hate being an adult....kill joy!
15. i am always "on a new diet"....whether im becoming vegan...then vegetarian...calorie counter...exercise-aholic...eat everything and dont care anymore ;)
16. with that said, i really do love salad...and yoga...my body appreciates feeling good...(i like health food for real...and i dont find it bland!...just expensive...and im not talking that 100 calorie crap)
17. did i mention i love, LOVE music? usually i like the indie-obscure-hippy-folk stuff...haha...but i am currently in an uber teeny-bopper punk-pop phase...i am currently obsessed with the maine (THANKS COREY...although its not, "theres a party in your bedroom...")
18. im growing my hair back out long. it used to be down to my butt... "ew gross!"...hahah i dont care....its fun.
19. i am a quote-er....i love lyrics...movie quotes...and recalling "famous-friend" quotes...especially while playing board games like things....(this one is for you guys, JOE JONAS)
20. i wish i wasnt so hard on myself. i think i would do better if people werent hard on me...
21. i wish i still went to shows. i really do miss the music scene....it was a surreal experience...great people, good times.
22. i also miss dodgeball...playing my friends....PLUS thats where i met corey!!! "do you think im gross or something?"
23. i love comic books...and star wars...and lord of the rings...and anything nerdy you can think of...
24. i am very nastalgic....memories are a wonderful thing....and it sucks that people grow up and grow apart...but ive learned my lesson time and time again...and ive decided that i wont chase after friends...(ouch. i know ti sounds harsh...but if you know me...then youll understand)
25. i hate ignorance. people are too critical of everyone else....i say live and let live...you dont want anyone to force you to be a certain way so STOP trying to force others...seriously...

03 February 2009

okay...so i suck at posting blogs...

here is where my stress level has been lately....
i dont feel like typing out, so i am going to cut&past a convo i had with caisee....hahha...well not a total convo...kind of just me venting! haha, thats what best friends are for, right?

Caisee wrote
at 6:13pm
how is teaching kiddos treating you miss? ♥

Danielle Elizabeth wrote
at 6:42pm
hahaha....well....lets just say today was a lot better then yesterday. remember how i said i was excited because my teacher was absent and i was going to get to substitute teach and get paid? and its like $100 a day? well....i show up yesterday and come to find out, my papers never got sent over (somehow the school didnt transfer them or something) anyway, i couldnt legally sub and get paid. so we had a sub...i did all the work...she got paid to sit an buy lane bryant clothes online....to top it off, my teacher was out again today and will be out again tomorrow. so i missed out on $300!!! because of their mistake. i was super mad yesterday...but today i was better. i now have to get a physical and drug test AGAIN tomorrow. stupid. to top it off, the sub sucks. she pretneds like she is "all knowing"...at least the kids have been good. i am so ready for the weekend! how are you my ♥ ???

haha. okay. so thats it in a nutshell.....

but listen...i have big plans. ill write more later <3

01 February 2009

{for caisee}

what i've learned from the superbowl...

who else noticed during the singing of america the beautiful, that faith hill was wearing the same hugo jacket that camilla belle wore on the february cover of nylon, except for in white? i absolutely love it!