15 December 2009

well today was definately an interesting day....and as much as i like to talk about things that are going on with me....this i cannot. basically because it pertains to school/work and i am unsure if it is necessary/fair if i write about it. all i can say is keep me in your prayers because the situation is definately quite interesting indeed {it isn't about me...but could eventually involve me...not necessarily in a bad way.......okay, i am stopping}

but WOW! can you believe less than 10 days until christmas already? i have so much left to do and i am nowhere near finished. the worst part is that i really only have one full-free night to finish all of my projects....and that would be friday night. tomorrow night is church, thursday dale has a guitar concert....then there is friday....then saturday is corey&danielle christmas...then sunday {after church} its peaceout port huron. my MA adventure begins....

yikes. i am starting to feel stress build {somewhat}. tomorrow i need to make a list of all of the unfinished projects. i really need a day off BEFORE vacation. haha.

well...tonight i started on another certain someones present. for the most part i am loving it. however, i already screwed up. {gosh danielle! how many times have i reminded you to measure twice CUT once}...i pretty much ruin two sets of materials for this project. i am debating if i can salvage some of it or just run back to hobby lobby. as for the other certain someone...he...ugh...i mean they are almost all done {present-wise}. i still feel like i have a couple more things. but....at the rate i am going...ill be lucky to finish anything. *sigh*

so yes.....on top of all of this....I NEED TO START PACKING.
grr...i think im going to sleep on all of this....i just wanted to say hello and happy holdays to everyone...just in case im not on for a few days.

peacelove&later days,

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