06 December 2009

quick update

wow. another quick weekend. its hard to believe how quickly christmas is approaching....okay...so maybe it isnt soooo hard to believe. i have yet had an opportunity to do some quality christmas shopping....let alone finish any of my projects. HOWEVER, despite the fact that i shot a wedding {with my camera, sillies} yesterday...i managed to work on a special persons present this afternoon AND we didnt even have to cancel band practice either! i am uber excited...."it" is coming out way better than expected. i might take some pictures of it then post them after christmas of course {seeing that, that person might read this post}

ironic? i think not. why is it that i had been so very much obsessed with christmas for more than just this past month...and now i have taken a hiatus {brief} to reminisce some of my old favorites....oh ipod, how i love thee. revisiting songs from years prior always brings back good {sometimes mixed} memories. corey and i always joke about this. *sigh* im a sucker for nostalgia. {oh the weakend....oh brand new...oh jimmy eat world! haha....}

welp. its 11:30....i have "am" duty tomorrow so i have to be to work before 7:20. its time to shut down the good 'ol laptop...listen to some music and wait for corey to call. {yes, we still do that...and most likely will for as long as we must...}

hope everyone had a great weekend! what did YOU do?


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