12 December 2009

i am fighting sleep....

but i think sleep is winning.
it is only 9:35 and i can barely keep my eyes open. quite ridiculous if you ask me......but i have to admit my life is constantly busy.

last night was my work christmas party. it was pretty fun. good food. good company. on the drive home, corey and i talked&reminisced. i can't believe how much time has passed since we first met. how much we have grown. how much we have done. how much we have left to do. we have entered into year f i v e. pretty amazing if you ask me.

.....and even though we have had 4 christmas's together....i STILL have no idea what to get him this year! haha. well...not totally true. i do have some tricks up my sleeve {which i will post....AFTER the holidays ofcourse...seeing that mr. snoop-doggie-dog reads this occasionally} but yeah...anyway...

today caisee, mandy and i went to somerset. we had a pretty splendid time. i got to go to my absolute favorite stores....urban outfitters and anthropologie ofcourse :) ...believe you me...i wasnt having trouble finding stuff to buy...i was having a hard time talking myself out of buying stuff. hahah...i needed to buy the "broke is the new black" t-shirt...

however, i did make a few purchases....and i won't lie...i bought myself a little somethin' somethin' too. {another wicked cute dress} i may post pics tomorrow.

wow. i leave next sunday...one week until MA. less than one week until corey&danielle christmas {boo TN!!! just kidding...i will drag him to MA one day} I HAVE A LOT TO DO.

as for now....it's sleep time.

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Jen said...

I'm extra excited that you will be here in one weeks time! We MUST plan time for our crochet lesson and some other fun stuff! :-D I can not wait to hug you lovie! <3

P.S. When will we meet this elusive Corey? I have heard only good stuff of course.

P.P.S. I'm also excited for Liz & Nikita's engagement. She could not have found a better guy for her.