25 December 2009

a holly jolly christmas {part one}

sorry for the lack of updates....my massachusetts christmas has been quite lovely so far {despite the 24-flu thing that i have yesterday and the night before....don't worry, i WILL NOT go into details....merry christmas ;) haha}. i can't believe how quickly the days are passing. before i know it, we will be reloading the car and heading back to our humble abode. until then, i will enjoy the many adventures we have left....hopefully not too many more malls {thanks to the first half of the trip}...but perhaps some more crocheting lessons from jen? or a trip to NYC or boston with the jennings clan? or MAYBE a surprise adventure with a set of red-headed twins whom i love dearly?....yes....there is much left to be done.

so i leave you now with this, my christmas thus far...... {the first few are pics from christmas eve @ uncle tim&auntie sandra's}...

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