29 December 2009


i will apologize ahead of time for not knowing the exact source of this picture....it was saved in my pictures&exactly how i feel right now....ah, if we all could only sleep so beautifully. ha.
i honestly cannot believe that the holidays are almost over. my family is still visiting in MA. our original intentions were to leave to head back to MI early tomorrow morning....this, however, has changed. i am somewhat delighted....not just because i get to see my family one extra day....but i have nothing planned...so therefore i WILL be sleeping in. the only bummer is that {&sure, ill be mushy} but i do miss corey a lot, A LOT. i havent got to hang out with him for almost a week and a half....but it seems longer.

sometimes, no matter how much i love vacation&family, i get to the point where i know that going home is inevitable....and im kind of at that point. i am so blessed to have the family that i do. i couldn't and wouldn't ask for anything more. not to mention the "amendments" ...you know....my family who isn't related by blood....pretty much all of CLF. i was ecstatic to have the opportunity to hang out all day {yesterday} with the buells&jennings. i love those guys. we did some bowling in north hampton then ate delicious pizza in amherst.....which was later followed by hours of super mario bros and an office marathon.

i have enjoyed my time here.....and will miss everyone. getting back to the grind is always hard to do...

sleep sweetly.

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