06 November 2009


it's friday night...and the mood is right...gonna have some fun...show them how it's done...TGIF!!!

ah....those, my friends, were the good ol' days. haha. anyway, happy friday friends! i hope all of you had as eventful day as i. seriously though, i am so tired i didn't bother going to the gym tonight...after we went grocery shopping i just decided i was too exhausted. so now i sit here...bringing the blog that i promised earlier.

before i show you my thankful thirty (and explain the whole shabang)...i wanted to share something...today at school, we were asked to have our classes spend PD (professional development) time making christmas cards for a young boy (5) who is dying of cancer. i was informed that his only wish was to get as many christmas cards as he could....sadly, his family has been told he will not even make it until then. it absolutely breaks my heart that anyone should die...especially children...those who cant even grasp the concept of death yet....who have so much future stolen away. for today's "Seek the Need"...not only did my students make cards...but i joined in as well...i sent a prayer with it...because i've been there....not a child, but a mother.....

now...leading on to my thankful thirty. i have decided to participate in blogger jamie's little idea. every day throughout november, i am going to post a picture of something i am thankful for. since it is the 6th already, today i will be posting 6 pictures....yeah...im a little behind...but oh well!!! so here we have it:

1. two kick-butt parents who made a kick-butt family. mom....i miss you so very much. i see you in me everyday.....i love you all.

2. the word. i need you more than my necessary food.

3. the boy. we're embarking on yet another year....4 is not enough. you are my best friend. my confidant. always&forever. through thick&thin. ily.

4. my job. it's not a "real" teaching job....but its a job nevertheless....God says he gives us the small things to see if we can handle the big things. i won't be a 7th/8th grade ELA TA forever...he knows that...i know that....it's all in his hands...

5. my morning team. coffee beans. coffee grinder. coffee pot. disney mugs. without you my day would be a wreck.

6. my cameras. thank you, dear nikon, for giving me the opportunity to see the world through my viewfinder. i was lost without my d40...and now i couldn't survive without my d90.

well folks....i think im going to start some projects....comment on blogs....eat a brownie....&r-e-l-a-x


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Jenny at Dos said...

This is one very charming blog. I have RSSed you. and will be following your thankfu.ll-november.